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If Fifty Shades Of Grey Was Told In Friends Episodes

Pilot: The One Where Everyone Endlessly Mocks the Movie, Then Goes to See It Anyway

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4. The One Where Christian Stops at the Hardware Store and Makes Rope and Tape Sound Sexual

And Ana, being the oblivious virgin, keeps biting her lip but picks up on absolutely nothing.

"Would you like some overalls with that?"

7. The One Where The Best Friend Tries to Confess His Feelings But Gets Shoved Aside

Sorry Jose. Christian's obviously Andrew McCarty, and you're obviously the "Duckie" of the movie. Or should I say El Pato?

8. The One Where We Finally See Christian Grey Shirtless and it’s Dissapointing

Of all people, they couldn't have picked a better-looking guy to play Christian Grey? THIS GUY HAS FREAKING WARTS ON HIS CHEST!

9. The One Where Christian Makes a Contract Which Will Never be Signed

First, I need your written consent. I won't touch you until I do!

I promise, you'll like it once you try it!

So...have you signed it yet?

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