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Dream Panel For Next Comedy Central Roast (Roasting Zayn Malik)

Justin Bieber may be a tough act to follow, but my bets for next roastee are on Zayn Malik. Here's the dream panel that wold have the next troublemaking heartthrob shaking in the hot seat!

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1. Roastee: Zayn Malik

Obviously, our next roastee would have to be our favorite Pakistani singer, Zayn Malik. I mean, who would be crazy enough to leave One Direction? And by the time the next roast airs, Zayn will undoubtedly have gathered more ridicule.

2. Host: Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell will receive this honor for bringing One Direction together, in addition to being naturally hilarious and charismatic.

3. Harry Styles

For obvious reasons...

4. Justin Timberlake

Because he can give Zayn advice on breaking away from a popular boy band and breaking a million girls' hearts.

5. Justin Bieber

Because he can give Zayn advice on how to be a good roastee and then fade into the background since his fifteen minutes of fame are up.

6. Mindy Kaling

After seeing Aziz Ansari kill it on the James Franco roast (and take all the Indian jokes in stride!), I'm thinking we need another funny Indian on the panel. And who better than Hollywood's latest It Girl, Miss Mindy Kaling? Not only is she a real comedian who can write her own jokes, but she loves cute boys and boy bands!

7. Natasha Leggero

After being so amazingly hilarious on both the Justin Bieber roast and the James Franco roast, I just know I wanna see more of this girl.

8. Jeff Ross

Obviously, we'll all have to see him once a year at these roasts since he'll never have another job!

9. Ringo Starr

Getting a former Beatle to take the stage may be a bit of a challenge, but hey, IT'S A DREAM PANEL. And of course, he can tell Zayn Malik and Justin Timberlake what it was like to leave a boy band that was actually GOOD.

10. Ron Burgundy


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