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25 Reasons BuzzFeed Should Hire Me

Yes, I know you've seen a million of these...but since I have SO many reasons, I just had to do it! C'mon Buzz, you need me!

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1. I'm a 90's kid who never really grew out of Disney movies.

Assuming this is a prerequisite...I can rank the princesses in order of cattyness, quote any line of Mulan, Lion King, Little Mermaid or Aladdin, and document each time Disney got a little suggestive.

2. I have extensive writing and editing experience.

I wrote for HerCampus Magazine all through college, working my way up from Features Writer to Senior Editor...and never forgot to promote our posts through social media.

3. As an advertising major, I have gained a lot of relevant knowledge and skills.

I have taken many courses in social media marketing and monitoring, including a course all about YouTube and what makes content go viral. I have been certified in online advertising using search engine optimization and interactive media campaigns.

4. I love to travel, and I can translate posts into other languages.

Been around the world and DO SPEAK THE LANGUAGE! I have tons of international exposure that can fill your travel section easily. I'm also fluent in some Indian languages (not just speaking, but also reading and writing), and can easily translate posts or write about Bollywood movies and Indian culture.

5. I know the secrets of what makes content go viral.

It's much more than having a unique/humourous take on a culturally relevant topic. It needs to be engaging, entertaining and buzzworthy. Something everyone will want to share with their friends.

6. I have the right personality...BuzzFeed and I just get each other.

I’m outgoing, friendly, and uh, my mom says I'm funny!

I'm also obsessed with pop culture, celebrity gossip, TV shows, humor, and the internet/web culture in general.

7. Speaking of pop culture obsession, my tastes are, well, heavily mainstream.

...To the point where I get mocked by my friends.

Favorite music? Top 40 hits, heavy on the hip hop

Favorite TV shows? Friends, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, and any other hit on Netflix

Favorite movies? The Breakfast Club, Mean Girls, The Notebook, and any Disney Princess movie

10. I come to BuzzFeed for all my entertainment news, and I can't wait to join the team.

BuzzFeed is how I found out about the Justin Bieber roast and Zayn Malik leaving One Direction. As silly as these things sound, these are things that matter to me. These are the things I love to digest and write funny/quirky posts about.

14. I can produce clickbait, but also take calculated risks

I'm obesessed with cats, Friends, Disney movies and mainstream pop culture, and could write about those topics all day long. And people will eat it right up. But I'm also not afraid to take a risk and write a silly quiz once in a while either! Sometimes you'll find the most ridiculous things trending on social media, and sometimes going viral is all about being unique!

16. I've talked to some of your writers who have referred me to the fellowship program!

I took the initiative to email some staff writers who I thought did awesome work on BuzzFeed, and even got some to check my posts, talk about their experience at BuzzFeed and refer me to a position! These writers include Ariane Lange, Sam Stryker, Lara Parker, Jarett Wieselm, and Alex Alvarez!

18. I have experience working in a competitive environment with multiple projects and deadlines.

I've always managed to prioritize and meet these deadlines while still having fun and collaborating with others!

20. Proper grammar is the first quality I'll look for in a soul mate.

Seriously, that's how important grammar is to me. Perfect grammar, spelling, and punctuation are all on the list of #ThingsThatGetMeHot. ;)

23. I'm a total feminist, and know exactly how to write for women.

I can take a joke, but also have an eye for when a post may offend people. Not to mention, I'm stoked about all the #feminism posts trending on BuzzFeed these days!

24. This may contradict my last point, but yeah, Nicki Minaj is my spirit animal!

Nicki: I'm fighting for the girls who never thought they could win.

See, Nicki Minaj can be a feminist too!

Edit: I would've said Beyonce, but I'm afraid she's too cool for me. So yeah, Nicki's my spirit animal, and Beyonce's my queen. Oh, and Jennifer Lawrence is my girl crush, and Mindy Kaling is my idol. ;)

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