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12 Ethnic Dishes That Will Leave You Craving More

From Italian food to Indian food, international cuisine definitely has some of the most mouthwatering dishes we'll ever try. Here are twelve must-eats!

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6. Barbeque Chicken Quesidillas

Surely, we've all made good simple quesadillas. But this savory dish steps up our quesadilla game by adding peppers, red onion, tomato, shredded chicken and barbecue sauce. The sweet barbecue sauce and sizzling vegetables make this a mouthwatering dish you'll want to keep eating forever.

9. Green Curry

Another Thai favorite, Green Curry tends to be one of the milder curries of Thai cuisine. The name Gaeng Kiaw Wan literally means "sweet green curry" but if you prefer a spicy curry, simply increase the amount of chilli peppers. Fragrant and creamy, this dish can be made with chicken, beef, pork, or shrimp.

10. Chicken Shawarma

This is a Middle Eastern classic street-side flavor bomb. The garlic flavor is strong, and the meat is served on pitas with a savory yogurt sauce. It is perfect for an evening with family and friends.

11. Yu Xiang Rou Si.

In this spicy and flavorful Sichuan dish, the pork is usually sauteed with vegetables such as mushrooms and peppers, making it a delicious (and more authentic) alternative to the Chinese classic - Beef With Broccoli.

12. Okay, just any Thai dish

After noticing how many items on this list are Thai dishes, I would just like to go ahead and say almost ANY Thai dish is amazing. From pinapple curry and fried rice to drunken noodles and pad Thai, you can really never go wrong with Thai food.

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