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Love is not, infatuation is blind.

Yes. The transfer of the energy is real. I think everybody knows it now, and then. But I think I've known it pretty often, too often. A day will come when you will feel like why TF are you still alive, why are you even breathing why you exist. These all negative thoughts must come in your mind just because of a small incident which you took very seriously. At this point you will fall in love for sure and the type of love you give to someone is the love you want for yourself. The type of care you take for someone is the care you should take for yourself. By giving your love and showing this much love and concern to that person, you're losing yourself not in a day or week but slowly. You're changing for your love and at the end its gone and what stays is changed you. Now you're alone in the middle of everything wishing to get them back. Know when to walk away from toxic people. Respect yourself and say to yourself everyday,"I'm sorry for all the pathetic things i put you through, I know you're strong mentally and physically and I'll invest more time and loyalty on you. You're love." Don't keep people around who don't appreciate what you do or think or what you appreciate and they think they're doing a favour to you being there. You were blessed before they stayed up. I prefer to dwell in the beauty of the story behind your scars. Don't settle for just anyone let there be some mystery in yourself for yourself. Now why don't you smile ? Its okay. Infact i think Its good. Yes, you better be in this state, smiling and i better get going now. Bye, see you smiling soon. I believe in you. ❤

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2. Love is not,infatuation is blind.

Love is not, infatuation is blind.
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Love is not, infatuation is blind.

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