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Which Sophomore Are You On PPWT?

Find out which sophomore member of the Pomona-Pitzer Women's Tennis Team you are most like!!! Are you the ever sassy Caroline? The perpetual 6-year-old Lucy? The "litty-titty" Joy? Or the resident ranter Ari?

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  1. You're at a party. What are you doing?

    Throwing cheeseballs and other various objects at people you don't like.
    On the ground laughing uncontrollably.
    Telling people how f*cking drunk you are.
    Showing off my bomb-ass dance moves.
    Cuss out everyone you hate and end the night crying.
  2. What sounds like a good Friday night?

    Going to bed at 11PM.
    Playing video games.
    Going out and having a gooooood time!!
    Getting coerced to go out.
    Watching a movie with friends until 4AM.
  3. What's your favorite tennis shot to hit?

    slicey dicey backhand
    law-defying forehands
    dropshots as smooth as butter
    hitting a winner of any sort
  4. You're eating din at Collins. What does your plate look like?

    any weird concoction that everyone else thinks is gross.
    anything that is on someone else's plate
    a salad until i get fed up and get a burger
    spinach next to brownies
    idk, whatever is in the expo or main line plus a bowl of cereal
  5. What's your spirit animal?

    why have a spirit animal when you can have a soul tree
    animal?? i'm too perfect for an animal. i'm a machine.
  6. You're up at 4AM. What's the reason?

    You're not. You're sleeping.
    Writing a research paper and hating school.
    Talking to friends about the deep parts of life.
    Chilling with folks.
    Crying hysterically after realizing how much of a sh*tshow you are.
  7. You're stressed out because of school— what part of it are you most stressed out about?

    I didn't get to start studying until 3 days before the midterm
    Literally everything.
    I was fine until i looked at my planner and all the things i had to do
    being able to graduate
    passing all my classes with at least a c
  8. You're really excited about something. How do you express that emotion?

    i throw my hands up in the aiiirrrrr and do a lil jump and a lil scream
    i squeal loudly
    Move my head excitedly
    clap near the face
  9. What convinces you to go out?

    a gentle nudging
    if Mae goes out, so we can have a dance party with Moana/Belle/Chainsmokers songs
    if i need to let gooo
    no convincing needed— i want to!
  10. Favorite type of drink (alcoholic or otherwise)?

    diet coke
    as long as it's not fireball
    deep eddy's
    orange fanta
    blue gatorade
    diet coke + water together
    mango juice
  11. you have a match today. what's in your tennis bag?

    maybe my tennis racquets and a pair of mismatched socks??
    everything i need to demolish my opponents (read: blue gatorade)
    literally everything and more. eye drops? i gotchu. food? i gotchu. extra clothes? i gotchu. prewrap? i gotchu. i have everything.
    my camera and never a jacket because i take everyone else's
  12. What's your best trait?

    willing to walk in rain to get you food
    get you coffee when you're dead
    gives you candy that her mom gave her
    always willing to walk from south to north campus for you
    always makes you laugh— whether she means to or not
  13. What's your worst trait?

    being too salty
    overextending myself
    saying that i'm going to text you and then forgetting to text you
    one could say that im a lil messy...
  14. What's your best piece of tennis advice?

    Just f*cking win.
    Sing "I Got Nerve" by Hannah Montana in your head
    Be the Ball.
    Don't be a limp noodle!
  15. Fav mode of transportation?

    longboarding until my board was taken away :(
    camp sec!!

Which Sophomore Are You On PPWT?

You got: Caroline

Congrats! You got our sassy af, basic af, psycho af one hen!! Your shots defy gravity and other laws of physics but you don't give a flying f*ck because you're motherf*cking Caroline Casper. You're prone to drinking too much diet coke/starbucks, slapping people on the butt, saying f*ck, announcing to the world that you are "getting SO f*cked up tonight," and going to bed at 11PM. You love food (burgers, animal fries, the works— anything but fruit) and lovingly nickname your stomach Gorda but always first attempt to eat healthy before giving up. You always get the WORST pictures taken of you and posted on the website. Being a caspie is not a bad thing at all to be considering she's a 2-time all-american and despite her crazy, we still love her.

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You got: Lucy

Congrats! You got our resident (recently turned) 7 year old!!! Some of us have never really seen you play because you're constantly injured, whether it be a freak longboarding accident, a freak tripping accident, or a freak toe-stubbing/door-opening accident (you get the point— you sort of have horrible luck) but all of us have certainly heard your passionate LETS GO CHICKADEES!!! and constant whines. You love your friends so much that you always stay up until far too late chilling with them and you overextend yourself entirely too much. Also, you give the worst nicknames ever that don't really make any sense and eat your vegetables in a strange manner. But thats okay because you will always be our baby hen and we love you!!!

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You got: Arianna

Congrats! You got our feisty roaring hen who you can always count on. People get energy from hearing your 'c'mons' and you get energy from people cheering you on too. You'll say cruel things to people but it's because you only make fun of people you love. Your singing is really out of tune but no one cares cause your energy is infectious. You put 100% into everything you do and never half ass anything, including in friendships and even though you can be a lot people love you for your loyalty to being a hen!!!

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You got: Joy

Congrats!! You got our resident sopho-hen who always knows how to have a good time and has one of the best tastes in music. You have a crazy laugh that makes people think that you're possessed and some killer dance moves in your repertoire to boot. You're train of thought is a lil disjointed but you're also freaking hilarious. You are so flexible (even if a certain yoga instructor thinks your arm is broken) and you have a wide range of facial expressions that you utilize often (especially during our aftermatch/afterpractice talks). Even though you're a bit more that a lil weird, we embrace everything about ya and love you!!

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