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My 12yr Old Daughter Spent Weeks Making This Stop Motion Animation

Using a phone strapped to a cut up cat food box & sticky-taped to a tripod, Emma (aged 12) spent over 7 weeks moving around cut up paper, cardboard boxes, sheets, towels and pillow stuffing featuring all 21 books in her favourite book series.

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How it was made:

* the studio was the lounge room, lit by ceiling lights

* backgrounds were all bed sheets and pillow cases

* the pyramids were made out of plastic garbage bags

* the clouds pillow stuffing

* books covers were printed and taped to other books she had available

* vines were cut and knotted from scrap felt/material

* water bubbles from plastic cling wrap

* packing tape on the floorboards marked where the tripod was and what the camera could see

1. Extras - Making of: Emma lining up the stars

* Emma spent about 1-2 hours animating each of the scenes, another few hours editing the frames, adding the music and effects, storyboards, making the props and printing/cutting out the characters and scenes.

* Emma didn't spend much time cleaning up the mess left behind, that was Mum and Dad's input.

14. Scene #12: That's a Wrap! (multiple puns intended!)

* Book #8 (Drama Queen) ends the scene as director, calling "That's a Wrap!" as the scene wraps up.

* Book #11 (Christmas Countdown) continues to wrap the scene into a present.

* Book #5 (Choc Shock) has a chocolate cake.

* Book #21 (EJ Shines!) sets off fireworks celebrating EJ's birthday and the completion of the film.

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