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    Recruiting Done Wrong

    Recruiting has not really changed much in past decades. Find out what mistakes recruiters make and how they could be fixed.

    To times to times I apply for different interesting positions, not necessarily because I want to give up my freedom of being an entrepreneur, but because I want to do something new and perhaps grow as a businessman the way I could not do on my own.

    I know the way of recruiting process was predetermined long ago, but as with many things that are settled and done is the same way around the world (thinking it’s the best way) are often done in the worse possible way.

    This is true when talking about recruiting. I understand that when recruiting new employees the company must protect it’s own interest, therefore most energy is targeted at identifying potential employees that could be a risk to the company. And as we know everything (except money) is a risk to the company. Whether it’s bad PR of employee, something that he did or didn’t do, his past relationship with co-workers or whether he is too smart and can steal the business idea of the company.

    As the companies seem to know very well that any potential employee could be a risk to them, they have no idea how to identify those smart individuals that will make the company grow. Many times I had to contact the CEO and tell him that his recruiter has no idea how to do his job as he didn’t identify any of my skills necessary for the position.

    Most recruiter I have run into are so incompetent that they would not notice success if someone was waiving it before their eyes. All they do is ask cliche routine questions and see if your answer is what is written in the manual. If it’s not, you will not get selected.

    How about thinking with your own head? Maybe ask the candidate to solve some problems (real problems your company run into). Or ask to do a marketing plan, or a plan how you would cut 10% of the companies expenses without loosing it’s productivity. You don’t want an employee who will just follow the guidelines and do some routine tasks without thinking for himself, he’s not a machine. If you hired him to be a slave then maybe you are in the industry where thinking is not allowed... like the army.

    But if you are planning to do successful business, hire people who are not afraid to be smarter then you. After all these are the people you need. And if you are afraid of hiring the wrong person, hire him as freelancer at first. Then you can see what kind of employee he is before making a commitment with him.

    Yes I’m still not working for anyone, and no, I’m not looking to do that anymore. But I may help you in telling how you should recruit if what you do now is not working for you.

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