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    Did You Know That Bitcoin Is Bigger Than Tesla?

    Bitcoin is bigger than Tesla, but why Tesla is more popular?

    Unlike this picture shows, Bitcoin is not a physical money.

    At the moment Tesla’s market value is $60 billion and market value of Bitcoin is $70 billion. Bitcoin has been bigger than Tesla for quite some time.

    But why more people know Tesla than Bitcoin?

    One reason maybe be Tesla’s founder, Elon Musk. There is no doubt that he is genius, but creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto (who ever he may be) is also a genius. I’d even say that he is more of a genius than Elon Musk. Elon Must is the new Steve Jobs. But Satoshi Nakamoto is like Newton or Einstein, someone who will revolutionize the world so much that he will be remembered centuries after his death.

    Elon Must is definitely a better salesman and better at personal branding. But Satoshi Nakamoto is different. He purposely hide his identity and did not take any credit, because he believed that Bitcoin will be bigger than anything else on Earth. In future the creator of Bitcoin will be seen as greatest prophet of our time, like Jesus or Buddha. But he did not want to be one of them, as in his own opinion he was just an ordinary man. This is the philanthropy at it’s best: doing great for humanity and remaining anonymous.

    The other reason is that while Tesla is definitely innovative it’s not that groundbreaking as Bitcoin. The idea of fully electric car has been around for long time, the first hybrid Toyota Prius was introduced in 1997, long before Tesla was even founded, and after it market was already impatiently waiting for fully electric car.

    Bitcoin on the other hand is so revolutionary that for long time even people that were actively involved with Bitcoin could not imagine it’s full potential. Bitcoin is not just a currency that is protected from the manipulation of central banks and government or from inflation. It’s a creation that could stop wars and end poverty.

    Bitcoin is so huge and extend so widely into every bit of our society that people who try to understand it stand in awe of it. For common people Bitcoin is still something so unthinkable that it will take years until they accept it. Perhaps only future generations will completely unlock it’s potential.

    Bitcoin is not just a product or a software. It’s a system, it’s an entirety. It’s something that world has never seen before. It’s like Internet, only one day it will be bigger. Bitcoin is the invention that may save our planet, the human race, bring us closer together, and changing the course of history.

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