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Here Are The Coolest Things People Have Been Buying On Amazon This Week

If you're a fan of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or whisky, you should probably click this.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of cool products called “Movers and Shakers”, which is a collection of cool stuff that's currently ~trending~.

This week, we have an assortment of nifty but useful items for everyone. There's a sneaky collapsible cup that you can use to carry liquids around everywhere. There's some instant coffee that's really close to the real deal. There's an adorable wall decal that'll spruce your house up, as well as some personalised postcards that'll make you want to pick up the pen. There's also something in this week's list for Game of Thrones fans, as well as Harry Potter lovers. Plus, a steal deal if you're a guitarist.

1. These personalised greeting cards that let you handwrite messages to your friends and loved ones (₹149).

Most Promising Review: “Looks exactly as shown in the picture. If someone want to gift someone any unique, handwritten greeting card, they can definitely opt for this.” – Harika

Get it here.

2. This stainless steel travelling mug which is ideal for when you’re out hiking. Or trying to drink discreetly in public (₹165).

Most Promising Review: “It’s very useful and has been made with quality stainless steel. No sharp edges in the glass, and it is safe for kids. Best for carrying on camps/picnics.” – Humaira

Get it here.

3. This Game of Thrones brooch that'll have you channelling your inner Ned Stark (R.I.P.) (₹275).

Most Promising Review: "It's smaller than the one shown in the picture. Pin head is slightly bigger which leaves prominent marks on the overcoat/ jacket on which it is worn. But overall, you can show off as a modern day Ned Stark or Tyrion with this. – Damodar

Get it here.

4. This pair of loafer socks that claims to be anti-slip, free size and ~invisible~ when you wear them with your flats (₹299).

Most Promising Review: It’s a good product. Three pairs as advertised, and it's only for women. Very comfortable." – Nidhi M.

Get it here.

5. This instant coffee which is as close as you could possibly get to the real deal (₹490).

Most Promising Review: “It is perhaps one of the very few instant coffees that comes extremely close to the taste of brewed coffee. I love to have it as a cold coffee, and it has the perfect balanced taste to make iced coffee or just a plain cold coffee. I highly recommend this product. It is not flat like most instant coffees, it has that full-bodied and slightly bitter coffee taste that you expect in a brewed coffee.” – Ani

Get it here.

6. This smudge-proof liquid sindoor which is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the catastrophe that is bleeding sindoor (₹112).

Most Promising Review: “Nice product. I can also use it as a bindi instead of sindoor. The colour is maroon with a very slight golden glitter to it. It stays on long, and even if I wash my face, it doesn't flow out like other sindoor or kumkum brands.” – Aarti Singh Korat

Get it here.

7. This easy-to-apply wall sticker that is LITERALLY THE CUTEST THING EVER (₹144).

Most Promising Review: “This is a great product. The outline is transparent so it can be used on any coloured wall. The adhesive is very strong and does not come off so make sure you stick it perfectly. The tips and guidelines to sticking it are given with the product. Loved it, and I would certainly recommend it.” – Amazon Customer

Get it here.

8. Something for your Kindle from J.K. Rowling, because honestly, you can never have too much of Hogwarts (₹199).

Most Promising Review: “It was fun to know Rowling’s thoughts on how she came up with the unusual names of her characters and list of ingredients for potions. The pesky poltergeist Peeves is back, and that’s an icing on the cake (I missed him in the movies). As always, Rowling leaves us wanting more from the wizarding world.” – Tanya M

Get it here.

9. This six-pick pack which is a great bargain for any guitarist who loves throwing his stuff at the audience (₹260).

Most Promising Review: Great picks. They are something different from Dunlop or other locals picks. The grip is nice, flexible and you will notice the difference of sound on your guitar by using your old picks and this one. Great product, and every guitarist should have this.” – Amazon Customer

Get it here.

10. This anti-pollution and dust mask which you probably need most of all right now (₹195).

Most Promising Review: "The nose strip can be adjusted to fit properly, this allows me to use my glasses while wearing the mask. It is difficult to quantify the effectiveness, but the fit of the mask around the nose and mouth gives a good feeling that it is indeed effective." – Kumar

Get it here.

11. This set of 36 props for the photo booth at your party. It beats hand drawing them (₹239).

Most Promising Review: “The props are really good. All the guest enjoyed a lot. Although made of thick paper, the number of props for price is good. In the same amount all you can get is 4-5 party goggles or so. This one offers a lot of variety. Made my party a super hit! Highly recommended.” – Amisha Ahuja

Get it here.

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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