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Mehab Qureshi

Biography of Mehab Qureshi

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Mehab Qureshi (Meh-Heb Ku-ray-She, born 26 October, 1998 ) Is one of the youngest official ambassador of the Clean India Campaign. He is known for his short films that focused on the negligence of maintaining cleanliness around ones environment. He also actively participates in the developing and promoting of mobile applications, is a part-time event manager and occasionally DJs at local events.

Mehab was born in Pune, Maharashtra, India to Mohd. Khaliq Qureshi and Yasmin Parveen Qureshi. His family came to Pune and eventually settled down dealing in real estate and expanded into automobile parts and hardware. He was highly motivated by his father Mohd. Khaliq Qureshi MBBS, and was determined to manage his own financial needs without having to rely heavily on his parents. In late 2015, when he was 17, he organized and hosted his first event.

Mehab attended Spicer Higher Secondary School where he completed his schooling in 2016 alongside his dearest friends, Jeryl A. Johnson and Shaun C. Abraham, who, he says, were a constant source of support, encouragement motivation and helped him in his various undertakings. Being very outgoing and friendly, he was quickly able to develop communication skills which then helped him reach out and make many friends, who’s influence, in turn led him to develop an interest in making short films. His short film (Badlav) focusing on how people can start a change for a cleaner environment was accepted by the Clean India Campaign, which is an initiative by the Government of the Republic of India to motivate citizens to promote awareness of the need for cleanliness. He was given the opportunity to be an ambassador for the campaign in 2017

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