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19 Holiday Hacks That’ll Save You Time, Money And Sanity

It's the little things that can make or break a holiday. Which is why the Post Office want you to know these ingenious holiday hacks. Whatever you pack, remember that travel insurance is more important than your favourite tea bags!

1. Bringing back wine as a holiday gift?

Buzzfeed / Via

Store it in shoes to save space and stop it from breaking in transit. Put the bottle inside a pair of clean socks for added safety.

2. Make your batteries last 90% longer by storing them in the mini bar


Nickel–metal hydride batteries will last 90% longer if you keep them cold, while alkaline batteries will get an extra 5% life-burst. It'll say which battery type is which on the side.

3. When you get to security, turn left rather than right

How I Met Your Mother / CBS / Via

People tend to naturally gravitate towards the right-hand queue, so the left line moves faster.

4. Roll your clothes rather than fold them / Via

J/K - EVERYONE knows this tip. But did you know that while rolling decreases wrinkles, it'll increase creases? Creases are formed when clothes rub together, so if you need smooth-looking clothing pack each item in a dry-cleaning or carrier bag, or wrap each item in paper.

5. Booked rooms with adjoining doors and want to keep them open?


A fork wedged prong-side forward and prong-side down makes a makeshift doorstop on carpeted flooring.

6. Beat mosquitos and biting bugs with soap / Via

Dry soap rubbed on an insect bite will stop it from itching.

7. A cup of tea can ease sunburn / Via

But not if you drink it. Instead, brew up all the free teabags you get in the hotel room, leave to cool, soak an old tshirt in your brew and drape over the burn.

The tannins will take away the redness if applied 6-8 hours after the burn.

NB: Don't add milk.

8. Teabags can stop your shoes from stinking, too / Via

Just pop a couple in sweaty shoes and they'll soak up the stink. Or, if you're travelling alone and can bear it, put them in the coldest part of the fridge (at the top) overnight.

9. Become an airport hero by packing an extension lead


That way, if someone is using the only plug socket in sight you can ask them to unplug, pop this bad-boy in the outlet, and allow fellow travellers to share the wealth.

10. A raw potato and sea salt make an emergency pedicure kit

Today / Style / NBC / Via

Ask your hotel restaurant for a potato and some salt. Chill the potato in your mini bar - if you can, slice in half and use it to buff on the bottom of your feet to remove dead skin.

11. Use a wet towel to stop your eyes and skin from drying out at the hotel


Air from AC units tends to be quite dry, so hang a wet (soggy, not dripping) towel on a hanger close to the AC unit and globules of moisture will be circulated around the room.

Use caution when you do this - if any exposed wires or plug sockets are close, don't do it.

12. If you're travelling in a large group mark EVERYONE'S bag as fragile / Via

They'll be processed together and come out on the carousel at the same time.

13. If you don't want to bring books, do a Bookcrossing


Bookcrossing is a place where people can log and register where they have left books around the globe. It's a good way to meet like-minded people when away from home.

14. Don't want to look like a typical tourist by pulling out a giant map? / Via

Take a high-res photo of it with your camera or phone before you go out. You'll be able to zoom in on the section you need. A good idea for when you can't afford / are terrified of data-roaming charges and don't have WiFi.

15. Room doesn't have a fridge?


Take the liner out of the bin: there will be more liners in the bottom. Wash the bin out with boiling water, line and fill with ice (try the bar or local supermarket for bagged stuff).

This will keep drinks/milk cold for a few days and is bigger than a regular ice bucket.

16. Tiny hotel bathroom with a steam-prone mirror? / Via

Rub your hotel soap on a face-sized square of the mirror. Buff it off with a towel. The steam won't form on that part.

17. Hair conditioner is your hero


Hair conditioner can be used as shaving foam, styling cream/hair gel, eye make-up remover (test this out at home first), bath cream, cuticle cream and laundry detergent.

It'll also protect your hair from sun damage/chlorine if you comb it through before you go to the pool or beach.

18. Turn your hoodie into a laptop sleeve


1. Put your laptop at the bottom of your hoodie.

2. Roll it up until you reach the hood.

3. Tuck the bundle into the hood - leaving the arms free either side.

4. Tie the arms around the bundle.

19. Work out how much a loaf of bread, a pint of beer and a pint of milk cost in the local currency*


You can use this to judge how expensive things are in comparison to everyday items.

*Use your discretion - milk tends to be expensive in countries where it isn't part of the local diet, and beer is going to be expensive in countries with ultra-strict licensing laws.

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