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19 Holiday Hacks That’ll Save You Time, Money And Sanity

It's the little things that can make or break a holiday. Which is why the Post Office want you to know these ingenious holiday hacks. Whatever you pack, remember that travel insurance is more important than your favourite tea bags!

1. Bringing back wine as a holiday gift?

2. Make your batteries last 90% longer by storing them in the mini bar

3. When you get to security, turn left rather than right

4. Roll your clothes rather than fold them

5. Booked rooms with adjoining doors and want to keep them open?

6. Beat mosquitos and biting bugs with soap

7. A cup of tea can ease sunburn

8. Teabags can stop your shoes from stinking, too

9. Become an airport hero by packing an extension lead

10. A raw potato and sea salt make an emergency pedicure kit

11. Use a wet towel to stop your eyes and skin from drying out at the hotel

12. If you're travelling in a large group mark EVERYONE'S bag as fragile

13. If you don't want to bring books, do a Bookcrossing

14. Don't want to look like a typical tourist by pulling out a giant map?

15. Room doesn't have a fridge?

16. Tiny hotel bathroom with a steam-prone mirror?

17. Hair conditioner is your hero

18. Turn your hoodie into a laptop sleeve

19. Work out how much a loaf of bread, a pint of beer and a pint of milk cost in the local currency*

You can use this to judge how expensive things are in comparison to everyday items.

*Use your discretion - milk tends to be expensive in countries where it isn't part of the local diet, and beer is going to be expensive in countries with ultra-strict licensing laws.

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