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importance of a Logo to a Company

Importance of Logo to a Company

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Creating a business requires making choices that will contribute to the success of the business, from the colors of the website to the price of products or services. But, one of the most important choices to make at the start of business creation is to create a Logo. After all, the logo will be at the heart of your brand image. This is what people will recognize, it will have to match the values ​​and the mission of the company. Yes, the logo is of paramount importance, but do not worry, monicagblake comes to the rescue with this handy little guide giving you importance of creating a Logo for your business.

Why create a Logo? 

A Logo is an essential tool to enhance your business. It allows you to identify yourself immediately. It also has the role of attracting customers by seducing them, to recognize the various services, products that your company presents but also to help you locate. The logo creation for a company allows to transmit a message through a visual communication, to a well-targeted clientele. 

Brand Identity

Firstly, it's good to understand the importance a logo in a business. Think about your favorite brands, these logos that naturally come to mind. Although a Logo does not ensure the success of a company, it is at the heart of the image of the brand, the visual identity. When you have created a logo that fully satisfy you, you can display it on your social networks, business cards, on a car, or website.

A professional Logo should contain the following properties:

Coherent: Since a logo is central to a company's brand, the colors used should be similar to those on your website, Facebook page, etc. Keep in mind a certain uniformity, to avoid confusion as well as lack of credibility.

Simple: A logo should be simple to remember. Remember, people should recognize you quickly when they see your logo. Think of big brands, their logos are pretty simple, like Apple's apple "or Facebook's" F ".

Flexible: A logo should easily fit several types of screens, mobile phones and tablets. It should also be easy to apply on any surface, be it a business card, a t-shirt or a poster.

Timeless: You do not want to redo your logo every year, because it is out of date. The modes change quickly, so keep your logo simple and classic. If you change your logo every two months, you will also lose credibility and visibility.

Understand that a Logo signifies the continuity of the communication of the company. On a business card, an advertisement, a commercial brochure, it can mark these media with a distinctive sign. It facilitates the recognition of documents for customers, suppliers and investors.

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