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13 Reasons To Love Fred Armisen A Little More

Fred can do it all: drummer, actor, writer, bandleader, and the list goes on.. Get a little closer to Fred and all his characters on Portlandia. Season 4 starts Thursday February 27, 10/9c on IFC

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2. Because he's totally fearless.


Fred Armisen is the adventure everyone wants, having dropped out of school to become a rock star. Like you always wanted to, but could never muster up the courage to actually do.

9. Because he got indie music and SXSW before it was on most people's radars.

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This comedic video of him spoofing SXSW culture in 1998 helped get him discovered by Bob Odenkirk and, later, SNL.

Can't wait for the premiere? Don't worry, the web series will tide you over!

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