Porter Browning
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    • Porter Browning

      That’s bullsh!t… There are plenty of laws; they are enforced incompetently. This pussywhipped kid didn’t buy his guns - his wacko mother bought them and then let him have access. No law can fix something like that. What are you going to do - send everyone to a shrink? What makes you think they know anything valid, anyway? Life is risky. You cannot eliminate risk. Weapons kill more criminals than anyone else. Weapons in the hands of citizens save more innocent people than the pigs do. “Gun crime” can be broken up into a few broad categories. The largest by far is criminal activity for profit. Most of that is perped by young blacks who have grown up in an environment so hopeless it is absurd to expect them to be anything but criminals. Most of their victims are their peers. And most of those crimes could have been perped without firearms.  And more weapons in citizen’s hands will only cut into this segment of crime. The sort of crime that is common in cities - cities which by and large already have tough gun laws and enforcement - that kind of crime is rare in my neck of the woods. Why? First, there is enough opportunity here generations of people haven’t been automatically condemned to hopelessness. Second, we’re heavily armed. There is no percentage in violent crime when every third potential victim shoots back. The next, much smaller segment is crime of passion. It happens in every demographic, and a lot of times, the victims deserve what they get. I will not be hobbled because the Bickersons finally came to blows. I really don’t care what happens to them. And the last, very tiny segment of this are cases like that pussywhipped kid who went off in Newtown. That was as anomalous as a lightning strike. The only way to prevent that is to confiscate every weapon. And then these kids will pick another weapon. He could have driven a car into a crowd of kids, you know…  Meanwhile, a disarmed populace will suffer far more deaths to criminals than kids will be saved from nuts… No how, no way. I am just as important as some kid. I have a right to protect myself. If the cost of that is an occasional disaster… Too bad. The cost of owning automobiles is an occasional wrecked schoolbus. And it should be noted most of these slaughter events which have grabbed headlines are perped by young, affluent white boys who are under psychiatric care and are taking prescribed drugs. Which brings us back to an earlier point as a last question… If it is mentally unstable people being treated by shrinks with potions who are committing these crimes, what logic is there in having shrinks determine who can pack?

    • Porter Browning

      That’s right. I despise the rightwingers. I have been voting progressive since Carter. But if the left tries to grab my guns I’m done with them - I will vote with people I hate out of pure spite.  You know who really are against weapons? Elites. Look at the people who are really pushing this: Autocrats like Schumer, Feinstien, and Bloomberg. Uber-wealthy people who have others with weapons to guard them. People who want to rule others. In other words, tyrants. And they have scared a bunch of way too easily scared people - cowards, not to put too fine a point on it - into thinking they can be “safe” if only… If only government can remove all the dangerous people, things, and ideas. Well, to be effective is to be dangerous. These safety freaks are completely incompetent. They can’t handle anything, and they want to force others into their narrow box. No thanks. People like that are cattle, and should be rounded up in cattle cars. They are a danger to freedom, which is more important than life.

    • Porter Browning

      Sorry dude, but this is completely stupid. Firearms aren’t toys. They are dead serious tools. People who hunt should be hunting for meat on the table - it they aren’t, they shouldn’t hunt. People who go to ranges for fun should get a life. As for video games, irrespective of whether or not they involve fake guns, they are stupid, too. Firearms are about defense. Defending your person, your home, your farm - if you are one of the few who still has one - and most importantly defending the republic from tyrants.  Get it?

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