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    10 K-Pop Songs From The 2010s That You Probably Still Have On Repeat

    Here are 10 K-Pop songs from the 2010s that still belong on your playlist!

    1. "Whatta Man" by I.O.I (2016)

    CJ E&M / Via Gfycat /

    Who remembers I.O.I? As the first group created from the Produce 101 series, I.O.I walked so that Wanna One could run. Before their disbandment, this group's cover of the hit song "Whatta Man" was one of the last (and best…"Dream Girls" can fight me) songs that they released.

    2. "I NEED U" by BTS (2015)

    Big Hit Entertainment / Via Tumblr /

    We love an angsty breakup song! Before BTS was out here topping the Billboard Hot 100 and getting nominated for Grammys, "I NEED U" came out and gave us more than enough reasons to stan these kings.

    3. "Why So Lonely" by Wonder Girls (2016)

    JYP Entertainment / Via Giphy /

    In case you forgot, "Why So Lonely" is here to remind you that the Wonder Girls are QUEENS. With its reggae vibes, retro aesthetic, and “breakup with your boyfriend” attitude, who doesn’t have this song on repeat all summer long?

    4. "Born Hater" by Epik High (2014)

    YG Entertainment / Via OneHallyu /

    Okay, this one is more hip-hop than pop, but I could NOT leave it off the list! WINNER’s Mino and iKon’s Bobby and B.I. are here to show you that idols can rap, and 7 years later the MV is still lit.

    5. "Growl" by EXO (2013)

    SM Entertainment / Via Gifer /

    Honestly what even needs to be said about "Growl"? It’s one of EXO’s earliest songs, and let’s face it, if you know you know.

    6. "365 Fresh" by Triple H (2017)

    Cube Entertainment / Via MyMusicTaste /

    Throwback to Triple H, a.k.a. everyone’s favourite co-ed sub-unit. "365 Fresh" will forever be a bop, and who didn’t enjoy watching Hui be a third wheel?

    7. "BOOMBAYAH" by BLACKPINK (2016)

    YG Entertainment / Via Gifer /

    Can’t believe it’s already been 5 years since BLACKPINK released "BOOMBAYAH" and "Whistle" as pre-debut singles. This MV gives off major girl crush vibes, so it’s no surprise that BLACKPINK is one of the biggest girl groups globally.

    8. "Just Right" by GOT7 (2015)

    JYP Entertainmet / Via Makeagif /

    Okay, the entire concept of the "Just Right" MV is downright WEIRD, but the song and its cute bubble-gum aesthetics are incredibly addictive. My heart hurts over GOT7’s disbandment, but shoutout to them for serving us bops like this for the past 7 years.

    9. "Catallena" by Orange Caramel (2014)

    Pledis Entertainment / Via Imgur /

    LOL you guys, the "Catallena" MV is a wild ride, but from the sushi theme, to the avant-garde fashion, to the social commentary, everything about it remains iconic.

    10. "The 7th Sense" by NCT U (2016)

    SM Entertainment / Via PicsArt /

    Back in 2016, the first NCT subunit debut with "The 7th Sense," and honestly we didn’t know what hit us. The song and its choreography are both weird af, but also SO perfectly NCT. This song gives big “driving through the city at 2am” vibes, and shoutout to white haired Taeyong.

    Comment down below which K-Pop songs from the 2010s you still have on repeat!

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