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10 Tweets Only Sarcastic People Will Find Hilarious

If French is the language of love, sarcasm is the language of utter disdain. Set your DVR for Season 5 of Schitt's Creek, Wednesdays at 10/9c on PopTV.

1. Sarcasm is the healthy way to release frustration over other people's stupidity.

My favorite thing is when people I don't know tell me to "Calm down and take a deep breath." I love it so much and it definitely soothes me

2. It helps us laugh at our lives and our choices...

The definition of a hot Friday night is kicking over your water bottle by accident, placing it back in the same place, and kicking it again

3. ...without being too precious about it.

4. Sarcastic people know how to flip the script.

I don’t get why airports get such a bad rap. personally I am highly aroused by thousands of angry strangers

5. And when you're a master of sarcasm, you can read the tone in just about anything.

Anyone who's ever touched my back: Wow the muscles in your back and shoulders are really tense. Me: Thank you. You telling me this helps.

6. It's not that you can't take things seriously...

You don’t wanna get in a fight with me I took a Krav Maga class 3 years ago

7. just kinda feel like sincerity is for squares.

I love when a guy says "You're not like other girls" because it's true. I'm a prototypical fembot crafted by the CI…

8. In the end, sarcasm is more than the use of dark-humored irony...

California facts! It's actually ILLEGAL to use your turn signal here.

9. It's your entire language.

I wish more people would post pics of the artwork they see while traveling abroad

10. And it's not for everyone.

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If sarcasm is your language, you won't wanna miss Season 4 of Schitt’s Creek, new season tonight at 8/7c on PopTV.

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