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12 Times "Schitt's Creek" Was Your Brand Of Humor

The Rose family is back, baby. Set your DVR for Season 5 of Schitt's Creek, Wednesdays at 10/9c on PopTV.

1. When Roland Schitt tried to seem woke about queerness:

2. When Moira responded to an RSVP the way all social-commitment-phobes wish they could:

3. When Moira called out David in a way only she could:

4. When Alexis told it like it is, and we loved her for it, tbh:

5. When Moira forgot the middle name she blessed her daughter with:

6. When Johnny did his best to be a comforting force:

7. When David called out Moira's fantastical ego:

8. And when she beat him at his own fashion game:

9. When Mama and Papa Rose encouraged the family in their own language:

10. When Moira's histrionics were even on display at a car dealership:

11. When Alexis explained her privileged existence:

12. And when David described your perfect night in as an adult:

You know you missed them. Catch Season 4 of Schitt's Creek, new season tonight at 8/7c on PopTV.

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