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    20 Delightfully Geeky DIYs

    From gadget cozies to Star Wars posters, these tech-related DIYs are an adorable way to show your geeky side.

    1. Hard-Core iPhone Case

    Christina / Via

    Discourage theft with this bad-ass iPhone case. DIY here.

    2. iPad + Purse = Destiny

    Erica Domesek / Via

    This case moonlights as a purse and is pretty much all that you need. Get the DIY here.

    3. iMacquarium


    Finally, a use for all those old iMacs you have lying around! Instructions here.

    4. Super Rad Custom Star Wars Poster!

    Kim / Via

    Because who doesn't want a totally neat-o Star Wars poster in their room?! It'll really come in handy when you're throwing your annual Star Wars party, and also when you're trying to impress girls.

    5. Plaid Camera Strap


    Because you won't need that flannel plaid shirt until, like, the third coming of grunge in 2080. Get the DIY here.

    6. Triangle Motif Camera Strap


    As if you weren't hip enough with your classy vintage camera, a triangle motif camera strap might push you over the edge.

    7. Live Out Your Dream as an Astronaut (Ice Cream Maker)

    Via POPSUGAR Tech

    Making astronaut ice cream is pretty much every child's dream (second to being an astronaut). So maybe you can't really knock this one out in just an afternoon, but these things take time. Just like becoming an astronaut takes time.

    8. Give Your Camera a Little TLC


    If you're going to become a serious photographer, you're going to need all sorts of gear. Most importantly, you need to treat your camera like a baby. This camera cozy DIY is a good place to start.

    9. The Most Awesome Busywork Ever


    Not only does this cross-stitch case leave room for tons of creativity, but it also will keep you occupied for hours. It's perfect for those awful family road trips where you just want everyone to leave you alone!

    10. I Can't Believe It's Paper!


    If you were one of those kids who had a lot of origami books and liked to make fortune tellers, this paper iPhone stand is perfect for you. Directions here.

    11. Get Hard-Core With Your iPad


    Your iPad has never been this punk. Get the DIY here.

    12. Not Those Darned Tangled Wires Again!

    Via POPSUGAR Tech

    Once you get all your wires under control, you can focus on having the most adorable charging station ever.

    13. Make the Coolest Vase Ever


    Light bulbs were meant to be recycled. Get the DIY here.

    14. A Healthy Dose of Nostalgia

    Haley / Via

    Channel some childhood '80s Lite Brite vibes. Get the DIY here.

    15. Prevent Your Camera Lens's Escape

    Melissa / Via

    You know the story: you've barely had your brand-new camera for five minutes and you've already lost your lens cap. This pouch is a great preventative measure. Get the directions here.

    16. Make Your Own Flubber


    OK, maybe it's not flubber, but it's definitely the next step on the road to flubber. Make your Jell-O into origami, because if Chopped has taught us anything, it's that you eat with your eyes first.

    17. Serious iPod Protection


    Think about it. What's your drop-count for your iPod? It's time to get some protection. Get the DIY here.

    18. Instagrahams


    Make yourself even cooler by Instagramming your Instagrahams. Get the directions here.

    19. (Top-Secret) Grid-It Gadget Holder


    Keep everything organized and look like a secret agent all at once. Get the DIY here.

    20. Get Meta With Pantone Chip Magnets


    It’s an interior-design component that embodies notions from interior design. Get the DIY here.