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    10 DIYs To Keep Your Bridesmaids Busy

    Wedding expert Abby Larson, editor and founder of Style Me Pretty, shares some genius DIYs to get your bridesmaids involved in planning your big day.

    1. Invite Assembly-Line Party / Via

    Remember when assembly lines were fun? Neither do we! But no bride or maid of honor wants to take this on by herself. Make sure your bridesmaids suffer equally. Plus, if you call it a "party," there's a social aspect too!

    2. Just Get Them Tipsy / Via

    One of the best parts about your wedding is you get to select a signature cocktail. Plus it's an excuse to day drink when you're testing them out! Really, it's a great way to loosen up your bridal party: just pour a bunch of alcohol down their throats and let the fun begin. Don't drink too much, though, otherwise it'll just turn into a vomit and/or sob fest.

    3. Disguise Bouquet-Making as Brunch / Via

    Everyone loves brunch. Who doesn't love brunch?! Just say to your ladies, "Hey! I want to take you to brunch," and then really quietly mumble, "and you all have to help me with bouquet arrangements too." Also, when it comes to floral arrangements, don't be afraid to get creative.

    4. Let Them Make You Up! / Via

    It's your big day after all. No one else gets to look as pretty as you. But you can also bribe them and say they can keep some of the jewelry they make. Now that's some great compromise right there. You can also force them to do you your hair if you want to really put them to work.

    5. They Can Help Make the Wedding Favors / Via

    If you're feeling stumped about what wedding favors to feature, we have some ideas. Then you can make your bridal party earn their gift bags by putting some work into them. Being a bridesmaid isn't all fun and games, as much as Kristen Wiig wants you to think it is.

    6. Remind Them That You're the Star / Via

    If you have your bridesmaids working hard on the backdrop, it's a friendly way of emphasizing it's all about you and that they're only there to make you look good. Just kidding. Sort of.

    7. Put on Your "Craft" Hat / Via

    Making photo props is especially fun if you happen to have an elementary school teacher in your group. She'll be all, "Oh, I got this. My third graders and I make props all the time." Then, just sit back and watch the magic happen.

    8. Avoid Incidents With Rice / Via

    Have your bridesmaids help you make farewell streamers! They're a great alternative to rice, because no bride or groom wants an eyeful of rice on their wedding day.

    9. Stir Up Some Memories / Via

    If you make drink stirrers, they'll be really cute and useful until that point where everyone's drunk and doesn't really care anymore. This can happen during the wedding or during the stirrer-making party.

    10. Tying the Knot / Via

    You might not even need your bridesmaids to help you wrap your favors. You can also find a group of 5-year-olds who are learning how to tie their shoes, and let them go to town.

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