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13 Home Theaters We’d Pay To Watch Movies In

You don't need to buy a ticket, but it might feel like you do. These home theaters put any megaplex to shame. Once you're done drooling, head over to Pop Secret Labs where you'll find some new, more obtainable ways to enjoy movies and popcorn.

1. This old world picture palace:

Scripps Networks / Via

Complete with the surest sign of enjoying tons of money: remote controlled curtains.

2. This starry ceiling mural:

Graeme Whifler / Via

100% of the benefits of being outside with 0% of the gnats.

3. This Great Gatsby dreamland:

Yes, it's insanely gorgeous. But admit that you've always wanted to tell someone to "turn down that chandelier" right before starting Madea's Family Reunion.

4. This sleek space:


Classiness is several velvet chaise longues.

5. This Star Trek shrine:

One homeowner made a theater go where no theater has gone before.

6. This two-tiered theater:

freshouttheboxshop / Via

For the wealthy folk who have enough friends to merit a mezzanine.

7. This wine-walled room:

Yes, that is a wine cellar in the back of the theater. And no, you're not drinking alone if it's with a projection of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

8. This nautical space:

Ideal for Finding Nemo or going 10,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

9. This game/movie room:

romixlove / Via

A pingpong table is great for watching Forrest Gump a 39th time.

10. This cabin in the woods:

It's also our idea of a winter wonderland—plenty of couch space and no frozen toes.

11. This charming throwback:

Listen closely enough and you'll hear "Charleston" playing.

12. This convenient concession stand:

ts69vette / Via

"There's no line or price? Great! I'll have another order of everything."

13. This Death Star theater:

It's the perfect place to lurk and re-watch Star Wars until the next sequel comes out.

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