Lynne Margolis
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    • Lynne Margolis

      a few minutes ago
      What an extraordinary piece of writing. But I hope you realize that Esme’s death did indeed have a purpose. Look at how many people it brought together, look at how many of you have vowed to live better, more loving lives because of her. I like to think it’s not the length of time someone has on earth that matters, it’s the amount of people whose lives they touch - whose lives they change - that counts. This loving person was taken senselessly, but her loss gave everyone who knew her a new understanding of the importance of living with love and joy in their lives. So essentially, she’s given you as much in death as she did in life. That’s the most amazing, precious gift; I wish it didn’t have to hurt so much to experience it.

      Some people really are put here for a purpose. She achieved hers in life and in death. Most of us are lucky to affect a few lives here and there as we stumble through our own day-to-day existences. To have the kind of impact she did, and still does, is something those who love her should celebrate every day. If there was a way to get beyond the mourning and see that, she won’t have died in vain.

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