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Pop's Brand New Bitch Delivers Last Song of the Summer

One last hurrah! Sure Fall officially started on Friday, but keep the summer going with Anjulie's "Brand New Bitch" which takes every Gaga/Rihanna cliché...and one-ups them triumphantly.

Rohin G. • 7 years ago

Lindsay Lohan Vs. Avril Lavigne: Whose Fashion Week Debut Was More Tragic?

LiLo debuted her House of Ungaro collection to harsh jeers days ago; Lavigne debuted her Abbey Dawn collection of wearables to...well, yawns...weeks ago. So who's the biggest loser in a battle of sartorial losers?

Rohin G. • 9 years ago

Did Amanda Palmer Lead Pantsless Revolution For Lady Gaga & Lindsay Lohan?

It may be a terrible celebrity fashion trend, but it dates as far back as who does Gaga have to thank for her latest series of publicity stunts?

Rohin G. • 9 years ago

Does Sarah Palin's 'Going Rogue' Expose Ron Paul As Gay?

A quick skim shows that yes, yes it does. And a few other secrets!

Rohin G. • 9 years ago

Fashion Week Crisis! Ousted Sugababe Keisha Buchanan Breaks Down!

Honestly though, the ex-Babe will land on her feet and dazzle her backbiting bandmates. She's a trooper, etc.

Rohin G. • 9 years ago

Victoria Beckham Picks London Fashion Week Over Spice Girls Reunion

You can imagine her telling the other 4, "Time to give up the dream girls & move on already!"

Rohin G. • 9 years ago

Stephen Moyer Insists 'True Blood' & 'Twilight' Can Coexist

That Bill Compton. Always the diplomat!

Rohin G. • 9 years ago

Stalking Anna Wintour at London Fashion Week

What could the Vogue editrix be up to in her downtime between catwalk shows in London's Fashion Week? And which shows is she going to? What's she eating?

Rohin G. • 9 years ago

Is Beyoncé's “Halo” the Newest Perk of Obamacare?

Beyonce's "Halo" has been helping us get over Michael Jackson's death and warming the hearts of little sick children everywhere - is this the unlikeliest perk of Obamacare?

Rohin G. • 9 years ago

15 People Who Saved the Emmys

Last night's telecast wasn't so bad, actually. Find out 15 celebrities who made it so kick-ass.

Rohin G. • 9 years ago

Calvin Harris Offers to Become New Sugababe

Amelle has just quit the Sugababes -- and British pop star/DJ/general amazing dude would like to fill in as a third Sugababe. As a drag queen. He asks that we reblog/retweet this in order to make the vision come true.

Rohin G. • 9 years ago

Paula Abdul's Sparkling Comeback Victory

This 'Divas Live' is the greatest thing to happen to Paula Abdul -- as is her getting axed from 'Idol'. She was charming, witty, and full of moxie as she bantered with Kathy Griffin, Liza, and spoofed Ellen.

Rohin G. • 9 years ago

Norweigian Punk Princes Ida Maria's Perez Hilton Breakdown

Ida Maria freaked out on the Boston date of insipid blogger Perez Hilton's big musical sideshow. She walked off stage after 1.5 songs. Oh dear.

Rohin G. • 9 years ago

6 Outfits Lady Gaga Wore to the VMAs to Inspire Tim Burton's 'Alice In Wonderland' Remake

Lady Gaga had a half-dozen wild outfits at the VMAs a couple days ago which people are talking about. Hate her or love her, you have to give it up to the performance artist whose costume changes can be likened to homages to six major 'Alice In Wonderland' characters.

Rohin Guha • 9 years ago

Jasmine Guy's Unlikely Casting Coup: CW's 'Vampire Diaries'

Jasmine Guy -- late of 'Dead Like Me' -- has been cast as a grandmother on The CW's 'Vampire Diaries'. Huh.

Rohin G. • 9 years ago

Kanye West to Quit Music After Dissing Taylor Swift, to "Reflect"

Apparently after Sunday's big (scripted?) eff-up, Kanye is feeling so sorry and despondent that he plans to temporarily quit music in order to do a lot of soul-searching. So what leads a man to diss an innocent/mediocre country singer? Fatigue!

Rohin G. • 9 years ago

Abbey Yawn: Avril Lavigne Rips Off Punk Culture for New Fashion Line

Last night, Lavigne showed off her new line. Which was actually old, old, old and overdone. Here's a recap of the fashion show.

Rohin G. • 9 years ago

Whitney Houston's 'Oprah' Stunt: Is She Even Capable of More "Shocking Revelations"

Even if something about her career smacks of cynicism and insincerity, Whitney continues to roll out the amazing SHOCKING REVELATIONS, as inept media outlets report it. Is Whitney even capable of spitting out more SHOCKING REVELATIONS?

Rohin G. • 9 years ago

Kanye West is a Loser, Madonna's a Winner, Viewing Audience is a Non-Winner, at MTV VMAs

Recapping the VMAs real winners/losers/non-winners because such things aren't determined by moonmen.

Rohin G. • 9 years ago

Jenna Maroney's IMDB Page

An official IMDB page for 'TGS' star Jenna Maroney (aka from '30 Rock')! Movie/TV/live appearances.

Rohin G. • 9 years ago