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  • Potential New Oscar Categories

    The Academy Awards have arrived yet again. Rarely do new categories get added to the biggest night in Hollywood. However, I offer these potential new categories for consideration by the Academy.

  • 11 Great U2 Guitar Songs

    Gibson recently posted an article that attempted to bring together the 10 greatest U2 guitar songs. Tough task because the iconic rock band has so many great songs and with that comes a variety of opinions. However, I noticed that all the songs in this list were hit singles. While there is nothing wrong with that, as all those songs are outstanding, when it comes to a band like U2 you can really dig into their catalog and find so much more. So here are 11 songs, in no particular order, that have some of the best guitar we’ve heard from The Edge.

  • 10 Musings From The Mad Men Season 6 Premiere

    The Two-Hour Season 6 premiere of AMC’s Mad Men, ‘The Doorway’, has come and gone, bringing us to Christmas 1967 & New Year’s Eve, leaving us in January 1968. The tumultuous year will be the focus this season, no doubt creating quite the backdrop for what should be an explosive season.

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