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7 Problems Every Australian Beauty Addict Will Understand.

Pretty hurts.

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2. The distress of having to buy coveted, unavailable items online for an exorbitant amount of money because you just know that you truly, truly *NEED* it.


*sobs* "Okay, I guess I'll fork out the $86.95 for my Naked palette on eBay since I can't get it here, even though it retails for $54 in the States. But at least I'll have it!"

5. The frustration felt while waiting FOREVER for a limited edition collection to reach Australia.


"Everyone online is talking about how amazing MAC's new collection is but I can't even go look at it because it hasn't been released here yet!"

6. The bittersweet joy felt when you visit a Sephora for the first time while overseas, knowing that your life will never be the same when you return home and are forced to live without the magnificent chain in your everyday life.


You recounting the experience to your friends online: "It was just so amazing! All my brands, in one place, and so affordable! ... I'm poor now though, I spent $500 in 18 minutes. I regret nothing."

7. The misery felt while looking at the exhibitor list of IMATS conventions overseas, knowing that the vast majority of the brands won't travel to Australia for Sydney's show.


Even so, you'll still attend, and have an amazing time, because you love make-up. Who knows? Maybe once Sephora opens in Australia all of these problems will be solved.

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