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HBO Got Over 150K "Game Of Thrones" Fans To Literally Watch Ice Melt


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The creators attracted what came to over 150,000 fans to the social media site to literally watch a block of ice attempt to be melted by bursts of fire.

Facebook / Via Facebook/Game of Thrones

Btw loving the not so subtle Song of Fire & Ice reference...we know the much anticipated encounter and alliance between Daeneyrs Targaryen and Jon Snow is vastly approaching. *Dying*

Users were encouraged to type "Fire" and "Dracarys" to create more bursts of fire to hit the ice block to eventually show the release date.

The anticipation was killing fans across the world as the wait lasted almost an hour -- and three FB live streams. Between streams fans didn't hesitate to comment with the best GoT references.

The anticipation was turning into agony as the streams included familiar faces from Bran (Isaac Wright), Brienne (Gwendoline Christie), Cersei (Lena Headey), and Theon (Alfie Allen) encouraging fans to keep typing.

Only Game of Thrones fans would come together to simply learn a date they have to wait months for.

Facebook / Via Facebook/Game of Thrones

Can we talk about how The Late Late Show With James Corden account was watching?

There are only 129 days until July 16, 2017. We can do this.

The great war is here. #GoTS7 premieres 7.16.

But HBO wanted to give us a reward for our troubles and endless waiting, so they gifted us with this teaser. We hope this will hold fans over for awhile.

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