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20 Times Grindr Connected With Us Spiritually

Making sparks fly is their specialty.

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When they had no time to waste.

So romantic ... #grindr #grindrfail #awkwardgrindr @drunkgrindr @AwkwardGrindr @Grindr_FAIL

Let's hope time is the only thing that was short.

Or when they had a lot of time to become clingy.

Do people not get the hint? @Grindr_FAIL @Grindr

When they quickly got over a boring movie.


When they had an interesing preference.


When they made us feel special.


How romantic.

When they attempted to guess your name.


When they didn't want to get involved in your personal life.

He sounds like someone I’d like to introduce my mother to. @AwkwardGrindr @Grindr_FAIL #grindr #gay #grindr

If you ain't seen my mouth, don't think you're going down south.

When they were brutally honest.


When this happened.

@Grindr_FAIL Oh for gawdddddd sake get away from me!

Say "dirty loads" one more time, I dare you.

When they countered with a perfect response.


When their fantasies where painfully awkward.

And just like that the conversation got real awkward. #Grindr #FAIL #Awkward

When they tried this method.


When they tried to be subtle.

Why'd you go and play the race card? #GrindrFail

When it sounded better in your head.


When they were only interested in feet.

This still heavily disturbs me #grindrfail

Like, REALLY interested in feet.


When they were stubborn.


When they were a total dick.

Homophobia is alive and well and living in Grindr #MascOnly #GrindrFail

When they needed their mothers permission.


And lastly, when they made us want to call the police.

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