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14 Things People Who Wish They Were Healthier Will Get

Don't worry, it’s the thought that counts.

1. Having a super healthy week, so going all out during the weekend.

2. When you eat kale and feel healthy AF.

3. Doing a really healthy food shop, then going home and ordering takeaway.

4. Getting really confused about which "lifestyle" you should follow.

5. Struggling to come up with a healthy lunch idea that isn't salad.

6. Becoming obsessed with substituting in cauliflower for everything.

Cauliflower is bae.

7. You have no idea how to feel about carbs.

8. When you try out a new "superfood" and you don't hate it.

9. When your cheat meal becomes a cheat day.

10. Adding avocado to everything because it's a "good" fat.

11. When your best friend is supportive and "cheats" with you.

12. Yelling at your laptop when the workout video you've put on is way too hard.

13. That one "junk" food you'll never give up.

14. That mad scramble to use up all the vegetables in your fridge before they go off.

So, maybe you don't see being healthy as a full-time job. It's cool. With popchips you can just be a bit good.

Popchips are popped – not fried – for all the flavour of fried crisps, with half the fat.