Ken Turner
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    • Ken Turner

      We are all products of our environment, and in North America, we live in a media-saturated culture. The fact is that media and marketing begin to shape our gender roles from a very early age. Walk through any toy aisle in any store and this will be clear and obvious. The girl’s section is as pink as the day is long, loaded with dolls, toy groceries, ironing boards, etc. While the boy sections are full of trucks, guns, ‘action figures’, and often have reds, black, blue etc colour schemes - traditionally ‘masculine’ colours as compared to the traditional ‘feminine’ pastels that you see in the girl’s section. They’re even labeled Boys and Girls at Toys R Us and Walmart. Yes, boys can play with dolls and girls with bull dozers, but often they don’t because they are programmed not to. Bravo to Sweden for not subscribing to this mentality.

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