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Unlike President Trump, These Cats Now Exactly What To Do In The White House

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Osvald & I plan to take our new positions of chief White House decorators very seriously.

talk_to_the_paw / Via

Getting ready to invade the White House after my in-pawguration!

Waffles / Via

Just wondering if America tastes great again...

osvaldthenorse / Via

As president I'm making some new laws! Catnip is legal everywhere and dog should be locked up! :D

cola_thecat / Via

Who rule the world? Cats!! Do you guys like my White House?

queen of ragdolls / Via

I would be an excellent First Lady!

serious_bo / Via

Check out my new house bitches! <3

pankermikot / Via

Here is Madam President enjoying her new job!

mary sonja / Via


cocobear_babybutt / Via

President-Elect seizes power on a wave of populism

The Chirurgeon's Apprentice / Via

President, First Lady & Counselor

serious_bo / Via
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