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Top 10 Healthy Recipes For The Entire Family

Easy to make, yummy and supremely healthy recipes to delight your entire family.

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1. Oatmeal & Egg / Via

One of the best healthy recipes for the family at breakfast, this will spice up the oatmeal that you otherwise would have thought a little boring on the taste buds! Add some salt and pepper to your oatmeal with a poached egg and sprinkle some cheese for the magic to happen! Find out more about this recipe and other healthy recipes here.

3. Aloo Methi Tofu Paratha

One of the yummiest Indian vegetarian recipes out there, this one will delight you with its flavors. This makes for a lovely breakfast or you can even keep this for Sunday brunch! Find out more about this recipe here.

4. Vegetable Triple Decker Sandwich / Via

When it comes to well-known veg recipes of India, you can always try making a Vegetable Triple Decker Sandwich! This one’s for the foodies and can be created with almost any filling that you want! This is an amazing lunch cum breakfast option depending on the way you see it! Get the recipe here.

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