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    The Tale Of Success Of A Broke Entrepreneur’s Journey To Become A Millionaire!

    Not all millionaires are born with a silver spoon, and Tomas Gorny is here to prove how a lad living on $3 a day from a foreign land can become a millionaire with a spoonful of hard work and knack of surmising colossal business ideas. Starting with part time carpet cleaning and valet parking job, at the ripe age of 20, Gorny is now an affluent entrepreneur owning a couple of companies and having sold off some past ventures in whopping billions.

    Daniel Lamont

    In the very beginning at the mere age of 17, Tomas's passion for business rose and he started PC distribution business in Europe. The Polish-born American is the CEO, chairman, and co-founder of Unitedweb and Nextiva. Nextiva, one of the most successful enterprise of his is about to hit revenue of $100 million this year, as per the reports. Tomas co-founded a content syndi-cation company iBoost in 1998, IPOWER in 2001, which had been the second largest web host-ing service provider (after GoDaddy) in the United States according to Netcraft. A holding and incubation company, Unitedweb, was co-founded by him in 2008 to create companies focused on serving businesses of all sizes. The business cloud service model of Nextiva, and IBS, an online security company were further founded by Unitedweb.

    However, despite all success Tomas's life has not been a bed of roses as he endured plethora of obstacles to reach the pedestal of technology genius. High on a success spree, Gorny fell hard back at the time of the 9/11 crisis, when he suffered severe losses and was left with just $10,000 in his bank account. According to Gorny, he was being aggressive in business, with an exception of a house and a car; all his earnings were invested in different business ventures and nothing was saved up. As the stock market took a hit and companies started freezing their funds, the downfall began. Only to raise back again, Gorny learnt well from his lessons, went back to disrupt the web hosting industry and established IPOWER. He later merged this compa-ny with a smaller organization, Endurance International Group, accelerating its growth and leading it to its sale in 2011 for a hefty billion dollars.

    Gorny's exceptional leadership and innovative outlook had helped him in maintaining passive, gradual and ginormous growth in nearly every venture of his. Beyond all of the ups and downs faced efficaciously by Gorny, here is what you can learn from his story:

    1. Focus on value rather than materiality

    Tomas believes to be purely non-materialistic. After hitting huge losses, his belief in the net worth of businesses was doomed and he claims, "The success of a business really lies on the value it provides.

    2. Don’t lose hope

    He says, "Going broke was the product of many unfortunate circumstances and bad in-vestment decisions, but it turned out to be the best experience in my life. It forced me to discover what I was good at and where I should channel my energy. Most important, it helped me establish strong principles in terms of how to do business that I still rely on today." in one of his past interviews.

    3. Do the right thing in right the manner

    "The most important thing is to balance drive for performance with an appreciation for your employees. Also, we try to do the right thing with the right frame of mind and avoiding shortcuts." Gorny believes in focusing on what matters and accomplishing tasks by considering the perspective of customers as well as employees.

    Nextiva is one of the largest and fastest growing cloud communications companies in the United States. Tomas Gorny is the epitome of passion, innovation and success.

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