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26 #GrowingUpInVirginia Tweets That Are Too Fucking Real

It's a weird place, man.

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1. First of all, the weather was unpredictable, to say the least.

2. And a few flakes were ~snow~ joke.

3. SERIOUSLY. The whole state was affected.

4. SoL Tests were the biggest nightmares of grades three through 12.

5. Seeing a 7-11 was and is a daily guarantee.

6. This was TOO TRUE:

7. And these field trips:

8. A visit to the local mall — which always had a not-so-great movie theater — was a damn rollercoaster.

9. 64 was the only way to get anywhere, so you spent what felt like hours in traffic, ALL THE TIME.

Happy Friday 😊😊😊😊 #livinginvirginiabelike #traffic247 #GrowingUpInVirginia

@_cxnnor / Via

10. Unless you drove five hours to the mountains, where 😊 it's😊 still 😊 boring 😊.

11. NOVA was always one of the best parts of the state, TBH.

12. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel was the best part of any trip.

#growingupinvirginia going in this tunnel doesn't scare you at all

@yungtyrabanks / Via

13. This was pretty common at night. 😕

14. You heard aircraft basically every five minutes.

15. Every time you went up north, or to another state, you had to answer this damn question:

16. And this kinda explained it:

17. Everyone knows it goes: breakfast, dinner, then supper.

18. This was too damn real:

19. And this was true too, unfortunately:

20. Most people you knew weren't even born in Virginia.

21. You always had to slightly lie to explain exactly where you were from:

22. You've always felt like your home was important, because apparently everything happened here.

23. "Owt," "oot," "oht," and "aht."

24. You could pretty much predict your summers before they began.

25. Unless you wanted to go to Busch for the 561017264649th time.

26. But, no matter the small struggles you faced on the daily, Virginia was and is still the best state in the country. 😍

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