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Justin Bieber Got Giant Wings Tattooed On His Neck

Another day, another new Bieber tattoo.

Christian Zamora • 3 years ago

The Internet Can't Decide How It Feels About Tubbs The Cat

Do you hate him, love him, or think he is just OK?

Natalya Lobanova • 3 years ago

Look At These Weird Grapes Shaped Like Fingers And Shudder With Fear

They are not grapes, they are a nightmare in fruit form.

Patrick Smith • 3 years ago

Which Australian Movie Was Your Fave In 2015?

Were you mad for Max? Or Did you think Kate Winslet was a yaasss-maker?

Mat Whitehead • 3 years ago
Jelena Aska • 3 years ago

Pacey Vs. Dawson: Who Had The Hotter Dec. 9?

Presented with as many big words as possible.

Christian Zamora • 3 years ago

How Do You Pronounce These 8 Tricky Words?

It's time to settle these debates once and for all.

Sarah Spiro • 3 years ago

Wait, WTF Is "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" Actually About?

Mommy is having an extramarital affair with Santa, right?!

Casey Rackham • 3 years ago
Mimi046 • 3 years ago
Kyle Davis • 3 years ago

Which Hogwarts House Would Your Favorite "Friday Night Lights" Character Be In?

Just image the Dillon Panthers as a Quidditch team. PICTURE IT.

Alanna Bennett • 3 years ago

Are You Team Michael Or Team Rafael?

Who should it be? #TeamMichael or #TeamRafael

Sydney Scott • 3 years ago

Which Hogwarts House Would You Sort These Politicians Into?

[Dreams about the day when a Hufflepuff takes office]

Erin Chack • 3 years ago
Casey Rackham • 3 years ago

Can We All Work Out How The Hell "London Spy" Is Going To End?

Let's all work out the major unanswered questions together. Warning: spoilers.

Scott Bryan • 3 years ago
Krystie Lee Yandoli • 3 years ago
Sheridan Watson • 3 years ago
emmakayy96 • 3 years ago

Who Do You Think The "Scream Queens" Red Devil Is?

We asked you back in September, but a lot's happened since then.

buzzfeed987 • 3 years ago