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This Is The Insane British Prime Minister-In-Waiting Hair Conspiracy Shitshow Explained For Americans

In which Britain gains a whole load of new conscripts for the culture war, and they’re all packing extremely hot takes.

Senior Tories Say The UK's Relationship With Saudi Arabia Is Getting "Harder And Harder To Justify"

Julian Lewis and Andrew Mitchell didn't hold back as the government lost a legal fight over arms sales.

Jeremy Hunt Will Take On Boris Johnson In The Final Run-Off To Be Britain's Next Prime Minister

Conservative party members will now choose which of the two men will become Tory leader.

Meet Dakota. She’s 10, She Has Cerebral Palsy, And She’s Taking The Government To Court.

While the Conservative government unravels, a funding crisis is depriving children with disabilities of essential services and pushing them out of mainstream schools.

Jeremy Hunt Told Us He "Authorised" The Funding Of Abortions For Northern Irish Women. Campaigners Beg To Disagree.

The government only agreed to fund abortions for women from Northern Ireland after Hunt opposed a legal challenge by a mother and daughter seeking NHS funding for abortions for Northern Irish women.

An Academic Has Accused The Ministry Of Justice Of Changing Research That “Contradicted Its Policy”

Kathryn Hopkins, who has taken her former employer to tribunal, said the government department had a culture of making research look more favourable.

None Of The Men Battling To Be The UK's Next Prime Minister Have Said They Will Extend Abortion Rights To Northern Ireland

BuzzFeed News asked all of the prime ministerial hopefuls whether they would legislate to give people in Northern Ireland the same rights as the rest of the UK.

The UK Is Set To Host The UN’s Flagship Climate Change Summit, With Italy On The Brink Of Dropping Its Bid

A formal announcement of a partnership agreement between the UK and Italy — the other leading contender to host COP26 — is expected this week.

An Academic Who Found A Sex Offender Programme Didn’t Work Was “Vindicated” When New Researchers Came To The Same Conclusion

An employment tribunal heard that Kathryn Hopkins, who is accusing the Ministry of Justice of bullying her out of her job, was told her findings that the therapy made rapists more like to reoffend “had been validated”.

The Woman Who Has An NDA With Dominic Raab Has Complained To One Of His Top MP Supporters After They Called Her Claims “Vexatious”

The Women and Equalities Select Committee chair Maria Miller told BuzzFeed News: “The matter is being handled by lawyers.”

Australia's Account Of The London Meeting That Led To The Trump–Russia Investigation Will Remain Secret

In a five-page decision following an appeal from BuzzFeed News, Australia's Information Commissioner said publishing a key diplomatic cable would put the relationship between Australia and the United States at risk.

Here's The Latest In The Absolute Clown Show That Is The Tory Leadership Contest

A story about how anyone can run for prime minister and come relatively close if they put their mind to it.

Dominic Raab Is Refusing To Lift A Nondisclosure Agreement He Entered Into With A Woman Former Colleague

BuzzFeed News asked the Tory leadership candidate if he would now lift the confidentiality provisions after one of his top MP backers published a report criticising the use of NDAs in the workplace.

The UK Has Been Criticised For Mentioning British Tourists When Asked About A Young Egyptian Facing A Death Sentence

Update: Ahmed Saddouma's sentence was commuted to 15 years following an appeal. The FCO had earlier faced criticism on his original death sentence.

Dominic Raab Once Argued For Gender Pay Audits To Be Scrapped And Claimed Men Get A “Raw Deal”

The Tory leadership candidate has faced repeated questions about his attitudes toward women since he launched his campaign.

Judges Have Thrown Out An Attempt To Prosecute Boris Johnson Over Allegations He Lied To The Public About Brexit

Johnson's lawyers had argued that the private prosecution was "politically motivated and vexatious".

The Brexit Party Has Failed To Win Its First MP

It was a tightly fought contest, but Labour's candidate, Lisa Forbes, emerged triumphant and said her victory showed that "the politics of division will not win".

The Government Deployed Civil Servants Across Europe In Anticipation Of A No-Deal Brexit That Never Happened

EXCLUSIVE: The Foreign and Commonwealth Office spent more than £800,000 training and deploying more than 200 civil servants to dozens of locations across the continent to help British expats and tourists.

Tory Leadership Candidates Claim Ministers Are Planning To Release New No-Deal Warnings That Could Derail Their Campaigns

Candidates in favour of keeping a no-deal Brexit alive claim departments are trying to influence the race to become prime minister, but the government insists updates will be routine and "sensible".

On Day One Of US President Donald Trump's Visit To The UK, Here Are The Very British Ways He's Been Welcomed

A dick in a field, a baby on a cliff, and some nasty projections. A very warm British welcome.

Activists Are Rallying Support From Across The Country To Protest Against Donald Trump's State Visit

Anti-Trump campaigners fear that Brits are distracted by Brexit, but are working hard behind the scenes to make sure that thousands turn out to protest against the president.

How The Tory Leadership Contest Went From A "Clean Campaign" To A Blue-On-Blue Briefing War

BuzzFeed News can reveal details of clashes between Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove as Dominic Raab is attacked over his record on women and Matt Hancock faces calls to drop out of the race.

Boris Johnson Is The Favourite To Become The UK’s Next Prime Minister. This Is What The World Really Thought Of Him As Foreign Secretary.

Interviews with seven senior US, European, and UK diplomats and officials paint a picture of a foreign secretary who at times was woefully unprepared for one of the top jobs in British politics.

Tory Leadership Hopefuls Are Piling Into Social Media But Mostly Their Campaigns Have Fallen Flat

Analysis by BuzzFeed News shows that Boris Johnson is way ahead of the dozen-or-so other contenders at driving the conversation online, even when he's not trying.

The Only Black Woman Seeking Reselection To The London Assembly Could Lose Her Seat Under Labour’s New Rules

Those at risk of losing out under the rule changes include the only black woman assembly member seeking reselection and the Labour group's only gay man.

Two Tory Councillors Repeatedly Made Anti-Islam Comments Online. The Tories Haven't Suspended Them.

One councillor compared Islam to Nazi Germany while another said "every 11-year-old girl” should be “frightened of Muslims”. Despite the Conservative's "zero tolerance" policy towards Islamophobia, they remain in post while under investigation.

Boris Johnson Will Have To Face Court Over Allegations He Misled Voters During The Brexit Campaign

A businessman crowdfunded tens of thousands of pounds to bring the private prosecution against him.

Don’t Leave Your House If You Want Any Peace Because Rory Stewart Is Wandering Around Trying To Debate People

“I was going to nip to the shop but I’m scared Rory Stewart will be out there, trying to debate me.”

4 Things To Take Away From The European Elections Results

After a European election with record turnout, the only certainty is uncertainty.

The Tories And Labour Suffered Their Worst Election Results In Living Memory

Jeremy Corbyn is under huge pressure to support a second Brexit referendum as the pro-Remain Lib Dems declare they're "back in business".

Tommy Robinson And Carl Benjamin Have Failed To Get Elected To The European Parliament

Robinson lost his deposit, blaming the "establishment" for his failure.

Inside The Number 10 Bunker: How Distrust And Division Helped Sink Theresa May's Premiership

The relationship between May and her top aides through three turbulent years was defined by paranoia about potential enemies, a total and unswerving belief that Number 10's plan was the only one that would work, and confusion over what the PM was really thinking.

The Government Backed A Crowdfunding Site For Tech In Schools. They Ended Up Using It For Essential Supplies.

Rocket Fund was envisaged as a means to help schools get "innovative technology". Instead, tight budgets mean they are using it to fund school trips and goal posts.

Which Successor To Theresa May Are You?

It’s like Game of Thrones, but much more unpleasant.

Read Theresa May's Emotional Resignation Speech In Full

She delivered an emotional statement outside Number 10, in which she said that the job of Prime Minister had been the "honour of her life to hold."

Theresa May Will Step Down As Prime Minister

The PM will stay in Downing Street until the Conservative party elects a new leader.

Researchers Say Many Of The Brexit Party’s Twitter Followers Aren’t Behaving Like Genuine Voters

High volumes. Short intervals. Odd times of day. Twitter thinks this is the online behaviour of regular British voters, but researchers have raised doubts.

Brexit: What The Hell Happens Now?

TLDR: It all continues to go brilliantly.

Tommy Robinson Will Face Fresh Contempt Of Court Proceedings

It comes during the prominent far-right figure's campaign to become an MEP.

Change UK’s Top Donors Are Funding A Firm Behind Facial Recognition Software Used To Register EU Citizens

Exclusive: The facial recognition software has been compared to “border guards knocking on every door in the U.K. and forcing EU nationals to show documentation."

Leaked Emails Reveal Labour’s Compliance Unit Took Months To Act Over Its Most Serious Anti-Semitism Cases

Exclusive: BuzzFeed News has obtained hundreds of internal emails that show the party failed to suspend members despite evidence of racism and took a year to launch a formal investigation into offensive comments from Ken Livingstone.

YouTube Has Downgraded Carl Benjamin's Sargon Of Akkad Account After He Talked About Raping A British MP

YouTube confirmed to BuzzFeed News that UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin — known online as Sargon of Akkad — has been suspended from the company's partner programme.

Under Siege For His Comments About Rape, UKIP’s Star Candidate Carl Benjamin Has Recruited Milo Yiannopoulos To Join His Campaign

The former Breitbart editor and conservative troll is returning to the UK for a week to support Carl Benjamin's bid for a seat in the European Parliament.

Young Voters Could Be Crucial In Stopping Tommy Robinson From Becoming An MEP

Advocacy group Hope Not Hate has polling data that shows young people could decide Robinson's fate at the ballot box — but only if they turn out to vote.

UKIP Candidate Carl Benjamin Has Talked Again About Raping Labour MP Jess Phillips And Now She Wants Action

"If Facebook and Twitter can ban these people for hate speech, how is it they are allowed to stand for election?" Phillips told BuzzFeed News.

Trump Will Be Snubbed By Jeremy Corbyn And John Bercow On His State Visit To The UK

"Theresa May should not be rolling out the red carpet for a state visit to honour a President who rips up vital international treaties, backs climate change denial and uses racist and misogynist rhetoric," Corbyn said.

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