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Everyone's arguing with each other about Brexit on Facebook and nobody is changing their minds. Why should the prime minister's top advisers be any different?

Mark Di Stefano • 9 hours ago

"I read and read and try and learn but my brain cannot grasp it."

Scott Bryan • 6 hours ago

The suggestion from the PM's official spokesperson came as May was desperately trying to persuade Conservative MPs to back her in Wednesday night's vote.

Hazel Shearing • 8 hours ago

The prime minister spoke to EU officials about her thinking on Sunday, a senior source told BuzzFeed News, but the cabinet was not told until 11:30am on Monday.

MPs in the House of Commons are scheduled to vote on prime minister Theresa May's proposed withdrawal agreement with the EU on Tuesday.

Eurosceptics may dominate the political conversation in Westminster, but this analysis suggests they've been drowned out by anti-Brexit stories on Facebook and Twitter.

“There would need to be a clear purpose. It cannot be for Britain to continue negotiating with itself,” a European diplomat told BuzzFeed News.

News of the phone conversation comes after Trump said May's Brexit agreement "sounds like a great deal for the EU."

MPs have defined Islamophobia for the first time, and British Muslims say that knowing exactly what it is will help tackle it — but the government says it doesn't need a definition.

Exclusive: BuzzFeed News has been leaked details of 57 dummy amendments that Theresa May’s aides fear could be laid by Tory and Labour rebels.

Exclusive: Shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer has written to David Lidington warning any attempt to get out of releasing the full advice will be unacceptable to parliament.

The Labour party’s official position on Brexit is complex — and behind that, there’s an even more elaborate tapestry of competing interests among different groups of its MPs.

Downing Street has formed a special unit of senior advisers to war-game what could go wrong over the next few weeks, and the answer is: a lot.

The DUP leader said that if the deal gets through parliament, the Northern Irish party will review its confidence-and-supply agreement with the Conservatives.

Officials are concerned that after Sunday’s summit, the messaging on the Brexit agreement risks becoming undisciplined and confused.

Before he resigned as Brexit secretary, Raab said he did not realise “the full extent” of how much UK trade relies on the Channel crossing.

Forget the 48 letters — this is the number that is really worrying Downing Street.

The “gang of five” want the PM to flesh out how the UK could leave the backstop, and to threaten to withhold £19 billion of divorce payments.

One MP told colleagues in the Lords that they had "brought shame upon parliament".

Exclusive: In a leaked WhatsApp message sent just hours before he joined the government, John Penrose told Brexiteers to force the PM into a “better” Brexit.

The prime minister warned Tory MPs that ousting her could stop Brexit.

You’ve heard about the resignations — but behind this week’s Brexit carnage lies an extraordinary tale of Mars bars, a secret “burger club” in the cabinet, and an ill-fated proposed flight across the Channel.

Exclusive: Notes seen by BuzzFeed News show that European government officials raised questions about extending the transition period and were unhappy about fishing rights.

Attorney general Geoffrey Cox is expected by ministers to back the prime minister after telling colleagues it was "mutually uncomfortable" for both the UK and the EU.

An explosive dossier accused Christopher Chandler of laundering money in Switzerland. But authorities there say he was unconnected to their investigations.

“There is no point agreeing a deal which will be voted down by parliament, cause the PM to fall, and result in chaos,” a cabinet source told BuzzFeed News.

A Tory MP has put forward a bill to increase the legal age of marriage to 18, which campaigners say will close a loophole and save girls from forced marriages. Ministers, however, are unlikely to support it.

EXCLUSIVE: BuzzFeed News has seen a note detailing a meeting of EU ambassadors that lays out a new backstop plan for the first time.

"Given that the reality of Brexit has turned out to be so far from what was once promised, the democratic thing to do is to give the public the final say."

Exclusive: Roger Scruton claimed sexual harassment “just means sexual advances made by the unattractive” and said date rape victims were “withdrawing consent in retrospect”.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats said Roger Scruton should be removed after it emerged he called Islamophobia "invented" and said homosexuality was not "normal".

Exclusive: An investigation by the UK's data watchdog found that Leave.EU staff had access to the personal information of customers of Banks' insurance firm, Eldon.

The prime minister promised the cabinet she would seek a deal allowing the UK the "unilateral ability" to quit the backstop. The EU has now rejected that.

“I think we’d be better to probably remain and not unleash these demons,” said donor Arron Banks.

“It was not lost on us that they delivered this particular horror on Halloween,” said a Lib Dem source.

A diplomatic note seen by BuzzFeed News says the EU is still waiting for the UK to set out its solution to avoiding a hard border in Northern Ireland, and whether or not it wants to extend the transition period beyond 2020.

She may no longer be just a "caretaker PM" until March 2019, May's allies and enemies alike told BuzzFeed News.

Labour videos attacking the Tories’ new flagship policy on ending austerity have had 7.5 million views in a month.

“It’s madness,” they said in messages leaked to BuzzFeed News. “We won’t win any votes from the new arrivals.”

Exclusive: The government is working to kill EU proposals to end daylight saving time, which could effectively put Ireland and Northern Ireland in different time zones after Brexit.

Exclusive: In June, a government minister told a Labour MP that the Home Office wasn't demanding DNA tests. BuzzFeed News has spoken to the woman in his constituency who told him they were.

It is one of the dozens of confidentiality clauses agreed in Westminster in recent years.

An equal rights amendment to a new Northern Ireland bill could put Westminster under further pressure to reform the country's strict abortion law.

Exclusive: Records released to BuzzFeed News reveal that the government has awarded more than a dozen Brexit-related contracts to some of the world’s biggest consultancy firms.

BuzzFeed News understands two Remain-backing MPs are among those who have lost faith in the prime minister.

Exclusive: Michael Fallon has been told to question his “deeply uncomfortable” new £75,000-a-year job advising a Gulf investment firm.

"I don't support Nicola Sturgeon but I support her decision and my respect for her has grown."

"Brexit is grotesque folly."

"Introduce a law so that Rick & Morty never leaves Netflix."

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