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    A Look At Iran's Fake American Food Franchises

    From Pizza Hat to Mash Donald's bootleg American franchises have been popping up in the Islamic Republic of Iran for a while now.

    Amidst the occasional televised chants of "Death to America" that are mostly disregarded by the majority of the population, a common truth lies amongst the Iranian people: They love the American people and its fast food. Albeit hard to believe — given the current political stalemate that has brought about staunch sanctions — the Islamic Republic of Iran is the most pro-American country in the Middle East.

    Although the US and Iran have no diplomatic relations, restaurant owners have attempted to emulate American fast food franchise. Since the early 2000s, bootleg American fast food franchises have made their way throughout the country and have captured the hearts and taste buds of Iranians alike.



    Dominos Pizza


    Mash Donald's

    Pizza Hat

    Raees Coffee


    Super Star