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Everything You Need To Know For The Iran Talks

Have no idea what's going on in Vienna at the moment? Have no fear, this primer will give you a break down of the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1.

Holly Dagres • 4 years ago

Contouring Queens: Brides Of Iran

Like all cultures, weddings are a big deal in Iran—surprise! Lacking bridal magazines for inspiration, those working in the hair, makeup and photography industry have joined forces on social media—specifically Instagram—to help Iranian women plan for their special day.

Holly Dagres • 5 years ago

Scarred For Life: Boycuts On Little Girls

A Twitter tribute to all Middle Eastern and South Asian mothers for making us grow up with long hair envy.

Holly Dagres • 5 years ago

A Look At Iran's Fake American Food Franchises

From Pizza Hat to Mash Donald's bootleg American franchises have been popping up in the Islamic Republic of Iran for a while now.

Holly Dagres • 5 years ago