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'Titanique' Is A Celine Dion Parody Musical You Can't Miss

Tye Blue’s musical production gives a hilarious spin on the Oscar-winning film. Call it a "musical shit show" full of Celine Dion numbers and pop cultural references that will bring joy and laughter.

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Tye Blue worked on musical parodies such as "Mean Gurlz," "Troop Beverly Hills" and "Hocus Pocus". "Titanique" is his new creation. In addition to Tye, the geniuses behind the madness are some of the show's stars, Marla Mindelle and Constantine Rousouli.

"Titanique" stars Constantine Rousouli as Jack Dawson and Alex Ellis as Rose Dewitt portrayal of the iconic flying scene.

The show stays true to the film’s original plot, but with a Celine Dion twist that you didn’t think you needed. Celine Dion, played by broadway singer and comedian, Marla Mindelle was one of the breakthrough characters of the show. Aside from the hysterical portrayal of the legendary Canadian singer, Mindelle delivered show-stopping musical numbers that had the audience on their feet.

The unsinkable Molly Brown played by Emma Hunton who is known for Broadway’s "Les Miserables," "Wicked," and Disney’s new "Freaky Friday" musical. And the hilarious portrayal of Ruth Dewitt (Rose’s mother, in drag) by Stephen Guarino who is best known for Showtime’s "I'm Dying Up Here" and ABC's "Dr. Ken."

Other stand out characters in the midst of the sinking chaos included none other than Jack Dawson, played by Constantine Rousouli known for his past work in Broadway’s "Hairspray" and "Wicked".

TITANIQUE cast members Emma Hunton as (The Unsinkable) Molly Brown and Tom DeTrinis as the Captain.

The "Titanique" cast came together as one cohesive group that gave an entertaining spin on some of the film’s characters, which included a flamboyant Jack Dawson. The cast delivered an incredible rendition of the film’s theme song "My Heart Will Go On" and ended the show with Celine Dion’s "That’s the Way It Is" to a standing ovation.

The workshop preview was attended by a handful of celebs that included "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Rent" actress Tracie Thomso, "Glee" star Darren Chris, and comedian internet sensation Drew Droege. The show will premiere in full production in Los Angeles this December.

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