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11 Things That Have Evolved Since The '90s

Do you remember the '90s? Probably. They were great, but the things we loved in the '90s have gotten even greater—like Pokémon, whose original three starters (and many more) are getting new Mega Evolutions in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, coming October 12 to 3DS.

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1. Cell phones


2. Memes (dancing baby) / Via (nyan cat)

3. Jeans (jnco) / shutterstock (skinny)

4. Music players

mp3 (shutterstock) (walkmen)

5. Navigation


6. Movie-watching


7. Eyeglasses

Josh Fjelstad by Josh Fjelstad

8. Blogging

9. Storage


10. Communication / Kristin Rossi (text)

11. Boy bands

Brenda Chase / Getty Images (90s) / Via RIchard Diamond / Getty Images

Pokémon have evolved, too.

With new Mega Evolutions (like Mega Charizard), many of your favorite classic Pokémon from the '90s have a whole new look in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, coming October 12 for 3DS.

All animations created by Will Herring.