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The Lexington Sleuth

Now you can get all of your central Kentucky news in one article. Because who has time to spend twenty minutes on everyday, honestly. That's right, I have done all the work for you.

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"A[n] SUV crashed into a Lexington home on Beacon Hill Road early Thursday morning."

The son was asleep on the living room couch when the SUV hit the front of the house. Luckily, no one was injured, but the son later left a Yelp! review for Papa John's, stating, "The pizza was cold, 3 hours late, and when I said to tap on the front window when they got there, I didn't mean plow their Jeep Wrangler into the living room. Three stars."

Investigators are looking into death threats against John Higgins from University of Kentucky fans.

Detective Matt Barrall turned up 200 to 300 emails and social media posts and 450 phone calls and voicemails. And those are only the ones that were specifically related to death threats from UK fans. Higgins, in light of the situation, has decided to step away from officiating for the time being. John Higgins stated in an interview, "Why don't I get this much attention when I'm playing pool on live TV," where in one of the reporters responded, "Wait, you're not John Higgins, the referee?" in which John Higgins responded, "No, I'm John Higgins, a snooker World Champion." The picture above is in fact John Higgins, the snooker world champ, not the referee.

"Fire damages apartment in Lexington."

Not much is known of the fire, other than the fact that it happened in the kitchen and no one was hurt except from inhalation of smoke. It was likely one of a few kitchen fires that day but the only one where the roommate didn't say, "NO! Don't call 911, you just caught your cookies on fire, Janet, it's not like you burned the whole place down."

"KET launches new 24/7 kids channel."

The new channel will be on Spectrum channel 196 and over-the-air on 46.4. The channel is geared for kids who are not in a formal preschool environment. A KET representative noted that, "because the channel is 24/7, during after hours, we will air popular [adultswim] productions but voiced over by children from the area."

Wasp found in college girl's bedroom, just a week after moving back in with her mom.

The story is currently breaking, and so far the details are underwraps by authorities but one witness claims she saw the wasp on the lamp.

All stories from Lexington, KY, found at Except the last one which is being broadcasted live on Fox & Friends.

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