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Should You Be A Screenwriter?

It's time to know if you spend enough time in Starbucks with a laptop to know if you should be using that time to write your screenplay about a disabled puppy trying to make it in NYC.

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  1. What bullsh*t do you pull in your fav coffee shop?

    I only sit in the seat closest to the window so that I can stare out at the passersby like an inverted Peeping Tom.
    I don't take it to-go when it's raining because I like to stare out at the rain while I play "Steal My Heart Away" by Van Morrison on repeat.
    I complain to the manager when they don't put the full pump of espresso in my macchiato.
    I complain when they put too much espresso in my macchiato. I want to write a sob story not a Michael Bay blockbuster, who do you think I am?
    I stare at the attractive human across the shop until our eyes meet.
    I sigh. A lot.
    I complain that the music is too loud and I can't hear myself think about the rain droplets on the windowpane.
    I bring a Shakespeare classic and lay it next to my laptop for reasons I'm still not sure of.
    I have two tabs open on Google Chrome. One is a blank Word Doc and the other is a BuzzFeed quiz where I can figure out if I should be a screenwriter or not based on how much time I spend in the coffee shop I am currently in.
    I have totally written a play before that alluded to the current political climate.

Should You Be A Screenwriter?

If complaining about the amount of caramel that was put in your drink doesn't bring on inspiration for your the next Oscar-nominated screenplay about a single dad who is also a entomologist that hates insects, then it's not the path for you.

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All of the potential meet cutes and the brooding is perfect for writing a quirky screenplay about a woman who wants to be able to change the world by turning everyone into bodies of water.

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