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Last Minute Activities To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

It's never too late to feel the magic in the air.

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1. TP your ex-husband's front lawn.


Nothing says Christmas Time like getting the family back together. If you notice your old lover is lacking yard decorations, get into the spirit ~for him~ by adding some "white snow" to his trees. He will never forget it.

2. Light your neighbor's dog on fire.


Put that old rat out of its misery already! You're doing them a favor. And after you do that, leave a brand new Sonicare toothbrush in the ashes of their beloved animal to replace the black hole forming their heart from their grilled hot dog.

4. Strangle your brother's girlfriend to death.

Alexander Raths

That girl is a whale, she was going to eat all of the fruitcake that your mom made for Christmas dinner. You are doing everyone a favor by just closing her throat so she never gets the chance to stuff her face with the fruitcake that your own mother slaved over.

5. Just go ahead and kill that bitch, Deb, from work.


You just know you don't want to see her at the office party this year after the last Christmas party when she was the only one who didn't bring food for the potluck. This isn't a soup kitchen, Deb. We aren't here just to feed your fat ass.

Well, there you go. Five things to make your Christmas this year run smoother than ever.

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