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How To Draw A Dog

So simple! Just follow these simply complicated steps that have been proven by the Psychological Organization of the Canine Artistry Foundation (POCAF) to be the easiest and most effective way to draw a dog! Studies have shown that 59.459% of people who use this method are 99.99925% more likely to be rich within four months of method usage!

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3. Step Three: Connect the neck with the body of the canine. It is CRUCIAL that you remember to make it so that it fits with the size of the dog. Making it too skinny or too fat could destroy the entire image.

4. Step Four: Create legs for the canine. Dogs can range between 2.5 and 42 inches tall, so use a ruler for this one to make sure that the dog's legs are in correlated height to the anatomical correctness of the rest of its body! Very crucial.

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