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    • pogue

      Whatastupid movie. Twitter paid $50mil for Tweetdeck and then they just decide to kill the product off. Then Twitter goes and buys Posterous and kills it off too. IfIwere an investor,Iwould be scratching my head and wondering what Twitter is thinking. They had the opportunity to buy Instagram and dropped the ball on that one too, but now one wonders if they would have just blowabillion dollars on it and ended up throwing it away as well.
      Ihave been using Tweetdeck AIR for YEARS. It’s the only client that supports the older Twitter 1.0 API features thatIdesperately need to use my day to day interactions. It seems like Twitter wants to do away all the features that made it great.Ineed my columns of lists to sort my different feedsIsubscribe to (news, weather, etc) andIcan’t keep those all in the following column orIwould be overwhelmed. The official Twitter mobile client doesn’t have column support and doesn’t even show up all the lists I’ve created. Then, to top all that off, Twitter’s new 1.1 API wants to restrict 3rd party Twitter clients from accessing Twitter in ways powerusers are used to.Ithink Twitter is making horrible mistakes here.Iunderstand that they want to advertise and have sponsored posts, but they could just have easily integrated that into Tweetdeck and allowed 3rd party clients to show those without having to restrict access. All of the things in Tweetdeck AIRIuse is too long to list here, but I’m going to be lost without it if they completely cut off API access to it. The new Tweetdeck interface is awful. The columns scroll very awkwardly, the old crisp & clear Tweetdeck bleep whenanew tweet pops up is ear wrenchingly awful. You lose so much support for other third party tie ins like bitly’s API, image hosting services, being able to see what client another Twitter user is posting from and so on. This is just suchashame. Shame on you Twitter. Get your act together.

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