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10 Most Popular Tech Stories Of The Week

One way to figure out the best tech stories of the week: Looking at the stuff people are saving with Pocket, the Web's biggest read-later service. These are the 10 most-saved tech stories of the week.

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1. How to Commit Internet Suicide and Disappear from the Web Forever

Lifehacker / Via

Maybe, after the election, everyone is over this whole Internet thing. Pocket's most-saved tech story this week was Thorin Klosowski's Lifehacker guide to permanently deleting yourself from the Internet.

Read it here.

3. Secrets, Schemes, and Lots of Guns: Inside John McAfee's Heart of Darkness / Via http://Gizmodo

Journalist Jeff Wise traveled to Belize for Gizmodo to hunt down John McAfee, "founding father of the anti-virus software industry," who was arrested in May after authorities found a stash that included $20,000 in cash and a pile of weapons. He was later released, but what's he doing holed up in Central America?

Read it here.


4. Adaptive Vs. Responsive Layouts And Optimal Form Field Labels / Via http://Trent%20Walton

For the UX geeks, here's a guide from Christian Holst in Smashing Magazine on how to make the right decisions regarding adaptive layouts or responsive layouts.

Read it here.

6. 'I Am a Terrible Programmer'


What does that even mean? Some words of wisdom from Dan Shipper: "Like most things in life, the answer to what a good coder is, is somewhere in between the guy who wants to get it out fast and the guy who wants to make it beautiful."

Read it here.

7. Why did Apple release the iPad 4 so soon after the iPad 3? / Via http://Ars%20Technica

There's a new iPad — but didn't we just get a new iPad? "We've heard a few theories, and have a few of our own." Ars Technica breaks down why there's another one already.

Read more.


9. Microsoft Video: Speech Recognition Breakthrough for the Spoken, Translated Word

View this video on YouTube / Via http://YouTube

In the future, everyone will be multilingual! Here's a Microsoft demo of new speech-recognition software that translates spoken English into computer-generated Chinese.

10. Nexus 10 Review / Via

One thing we've noticed: People love writing (and saving for later) long-form gadget reviews. Here, the Android Police offer up their review of the new Nexus 10 tablet, how it compares to its Android and non-Android competitors.

Read the whole thing.

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