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10 Most Popular Tech Stories Of The Week

One way to figure out the best tech stories of the week: looking at the stuff people are saving with Pocket, the Web's biggest read-later service. These are the 10 most-saved tech stories of the week.

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1. Over the Top: The New War for TV Is Just Beginning

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There is one screen left not dominated by the tech giants. WHO WILL WIN?

Read Nilay Patel's piece here.

3. Is Siri Really Apple’s Future?

Via http://Counternotions

At Counternotions, Kontra argues: "Siri stands as a monumental opportunity both for Apple as a transactional money machine and for its users as a new paradigm of discovery and task completion more approachable than any we’ve seen to date."

Read it here.


4. Innovation Is a Fight

Rands in Repose

Remaining a powerful tech company will always be a challenge for the incumbents, writes Rands, because "it is an industry populated by a demographic intent not on building a better mousetrap, but who avidly ask, 'Why the hell do we need mousetraps?'"

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5. How a $20 Tablet from India Could Blindside PC Makers, Educate Billions and Transform Computing as We Know It

A look at the cheapest tablet on the planet. "Our effort in all of this," Datawind CEO Suneet Tuli tells Quartz, "Was to use technology to fight poverty. What happens when you try to make it affordable at this level?"

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6. How to Hide Your Email: What Petraeus Did & What He Should Have Done

Flickr: hectoralejandro / Via http://hectoralejandro

Mistakes were made. Tech sites have decided to focus on the tech mistakes of the Petraeus scandal rather than moral failures — ReadWrite offers a few tips on how to really hide your e-mail.

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8. Napster, Udacity, and the Academy

What happened with MP3s and the music industry, writes Clay Shirky, is now about to happen with education and companies like Udacity. "We have several advantages over the recording industry, of course. We are decentralized and mostly non-profit. We employ lots of smart people. We have previous examples to learn from, and our core competence is learning from the past. And armed with these advantages, we’re probably going to screw this up as badly as the music people did."

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10. Built to Win: Deep Inside Obama's Campaign Tech

Ars Technica's take on how Obama's tech team helped win the day. "In a contest as close as last week's election, software may have given the Obama for America organization's people a tiny edge — making them by some measures more efficient, better connected, and more engaged than the competition."

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