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Top 10 Disney Table Service Restaraunts

Counter service excluded from the list, and only including places I've been to. Hope you're hungry.

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10. California Grill

With its impossible to beat view of Magic Kingdom, California Grill on top of the Contemporary Resort earns the 10th spot on this list. My family and I ate there quite a few times when I was in middle school, and nothing tops viewing Magic Kingdom's fireworks on the observation deck after dinner. Prices are high, but the food has always been good, even if there isn't one specific stand out item. Dump your Chef Mickey reservation, and eat here instead.


Tucked away in the back of Epcot's Germany pavilion, many guests don't realize what they are getting into when the pay for this buffet. Not only is the beer all you can drink, but this restaurant is breath taking, and you'd never know it from the outside. Your meal is also accompanied by a fun show of German tradition. You will be rolling out of here.

8. Prime Time Cafe

Wow am I a sucker for the Prime Time Café. The food here isn't amazing. Don't get me wrong its fine and you will leave full and happy. But food isn't the point here. This restaurant is a time machine to the 50's and you are in for an experience. No elbows on the table and make sure you clean your plate, or Mom won't give you dessert. I recommend going for the Fried Chicken + any of the amazing milkshakes.

7. Beaches & Cream

A Disney restaurant the won't corrupt your wallet! Many don't know that is possible. Like the prime time café, we have another retro dinner here, with tasty burgers and delicious onion rings. However the star of the show here is dessert. The kitchen sink is legendary. Good luck. Beaches and Cream is also located in my favorite area of Disney World, Crescent Lake. Here you can either walk to Hollywood Studios, or back entrance of Epcot. This boardwalk area is just fun to be in period.

6. Crystal Palace

There is no better way to start a day at Magic Kingdom than an early breakfast at Crystal Palace. With an early reservation, you can enter the park before it officially opens and get pictures of the castle without a thousand people in front of it. This is the only character meal on the list, and here you are joined by Pooh and friends. Pictured above is the puffed French toast, which is to die for. This meal is expensive, but you will never forget it.

5. Hoop Dee-Do

Tucked away in the back of Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground is the Hoop-Dee-Do Revue, the longest running dinner show in the country. Barbeque is the name of the game here with fried chicken and ribs to mess up your fingers. The show is here is of extreme quality and you are guaranteed to have an amazing time. Unsure how to get to the Campground? You can take a boat directly from Magic Kingdom to it :)

4. Yachtsman Steakhouse

Sometimes you just need an expensive steak to melt in your mouth. Disney has many places to get steak on property, but this is the granddaddy of them all. It is also located right near Beaches and Cream, so feel free to head over for some ice cream after your dinner here.

3. Be Our Guest

I'm cheating. I've never been here for Dinner. HOWEVER, I have been here for lunch, which while counter service, is AMAZING. I can only dream about how incredible dinner is here, AND you get to meet the Beast. If you have been to Disney World in the past five years, you know about Be Our Guest. And if you are going to Disney World, you better book this one out 180 days in advance.

2. Ohana

I could talk about Ohana forever. You are at my favorite of the roughly 20 Disney World hotels, with a chance of a view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks. Everyone here is cousins. The food is brought to you. There's live entertainment including coconut races...the list goes on. This would be number one, if the restaurant hadn't had a few hiccups over the years. While your server will always be nice, sometimes the process can move a little slow but honestly....who cares. Come here. Don't doubt it. This is one of the greatest Disney experiences and this restaurant has a HUGE following. My relatives who live an hour away from Disney World will drive up to Disney property just to get dinner here.

1. Boma

Boma changed my life. Twice. Located in the almost out of reach Animal Kingdom Lodge, you've never been to a buffet like this before. You will see so many things you have never eaten, and they will always taste amazing. I've never seen so much variety at a buffet, I question if its possible to sample everything. The craziest part? Boma also has the best breakfast on property. I tend to avoid eating breakfast at Disney, because most places honestly aren't great for the money you are putting out. Boma's breakfast is worth at least $40 but only charges you $25. My friend literally stole food from breakfast here so she could eat it later. If you love yourself, you will go to Boma during your Disney World Vacation. Its a perfect start or end to a day at Animal Kingdom!

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