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    • pmickd

      In the 1960s, whenIwas 14 years old,afriend ofafriend talked me into going with him to the Scientology center in Hollywood to meet some “really far-out people”. The staff was young, enthusiastic and friendly and they talked me into takingapersonality test; “just for fun”. WhenIwas finished, the counselor went over my answers and told me some troubling things about myself that could only be corrected through Scientology auditing. That’s when the sales job began. Pamphlets, books, courses, E-meter sessions; all available at outlandish prices.Itold themIwasn’t interested and got up to leave, much to the chagrin of the counselor, who had “spent so much time showing me the way”.Iknew this wasascam at the age of 14 and it makes me wonder about these adults, so smart and successful, who were so easily separated from their money.

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