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10 Practical Gifts That People Will Actually Use

This is for all the practical gifters who just want to buy something to make our loved ones' lives easier and happier.

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1. USB AA Batteries by Moixa

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Say Hello to the last AA Batteries you will ever buy. In the future everything will run on USB. These batteries are proof. These batteries can be recharged using any USB port and last just as long as regular AA Batteries. In only 5 hours these batteries will be 90% charged. This is a perfect gift for Gamers or anyone with a remote control.

Price: $15-20

2. Wireless Solar Keyboard

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This is the best Keyboard you will ever use. It runs on indoor or outdoor light meaning that if you have an office lamp or any sort of light by your computer this keyboard will run forever and never need to be turned off or recharged. When buying it make sure to buy the version for PC or MAC so that it is compatible with your computer. It connects with the computer through a USB Adapter.

Price: $45-$55

3. Glass Bottle Cutter - Glass Cup Maker / Via

This is a great way to Upcycle your bottles. You can easily make any bottle into a cup of any size and shape. No Glass Blowing or heavy tools required. Yet another great excuse to buy more wine and beer.

Price: $20

4. Philips Hue - Smart LED Light Bulbs

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These are by far the coolest and smartest light bulbs ever. They work with your traditional light switches but you can also control them with an app on your smartphone. You can mimic the light from a picture, set a sleep timer, set social media alerts, timers, also you can sync it with your music and have a dance party or dim the lights for some romance time. They can be controlled from anywhere. It can even turn the light on automatically as you arrive home.

These bulbs are LED’s the absolute best in lighting technology meaning they consume 98% less energy than incandescent bulbs and about 60% less than CFL bulbs while lasting for up to Ten Years. They contain no hazardous mercury like CFL’s and they are almost impossible to break.

Price: $200

5. Citizen Eco-Drive Watches

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These watches like the Solar Keyboard run on indoor and outdoor light. It never ever needs to be recharged or a battery replacement. Just put it on and don’t worry about it for the entire 5 year Warranty period. They come in many sizes, shapes, and styles. It is perfect for that special someone on your list.

Price: $100-600

6. iHome Bluetooth Wireless Speaker


Give the gift of music. This is a perfect gift for anyone who needs a portable speaker. It is quite loud and relatively cheap. It can fit anywhere and also has a headphone jack if you want to go low tech.

Price: $40-50

7. 10 foot USB to Lighting Charger / Via

Are you tired of waiting for your phone to charge so you can check it or kneeling down by the wall outlet? That is all in the past now. Give yourself some slack and charge your phone and use it at the same time. With this 10ft charger you can charge your phone while still using your phone. Though using your phone while it is charging is not good for the phone, let’s be serious you will surely buy the new model in a year and a half anyway. If you don't have the iPhone 5 or 5s don't worry they have extra long charger cables for every devices. I would definitely spring for the manufacturer certified version. They last longer. It also comes with a 1 year warranty.

Price: $8-25

8. Remote Adapter for Smartphone / Via

This is perfect with anyone who loves listening to music while driving but does not want to get a ticket for it. We have all been there listening to that song you don’t want to hear but being scared to change it because you cannot risk a ticket and possibly points on your license. This gadget will save you that headache. You can with one button change songs, adjust, the volume and even have Siri call or text someone for you if she is not being moody at the time.

P.S. It may not say so on the site but this works on all iPhones and iPads regardless of software version. I would know I own it.

Price: $8-15

9. Belkin Remote Control Power Strip / Via

This allows you to save money by turning off all of your electronics with the simple flick of a switch just like your lights. You can even place 2 devices in always on outlets for your cable box and Wifi. This requires little to know change in behavior, extends the life of your devices, and saves you money. If you are buying 2 or more of these for the same house make sure to put them on a different channel.

Price $32.99

10. Magic Bullet / Via

By far one of the best smoothie systems. Mix your smoothie put a cap on it and go. It couldn’t be more simple or affordable. You can make individual smoothies for the whole family in a snap. Clean up is easy and they have a whole bunch or tops you can use.

Price: $40-55

Consider your Holiday Shopping Done.

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