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Let David Hasselhoff Tell You Why Free TV Is Awesome

Looking to save money on your TV watching? Multiple Hoffs will show you how with Pluto TV. Take it away, Dave(s)!

Host Hoff says you’ll get more TV for less money. In fact, ZERO money.

The Hoff couple knows that browsing is boring. And they're so over subscriptions.

Hipster Hoff says it's not cool to get your password from your ex (and he said it before it wasn't cool).

'90s Hoff says the classics are always running.

Dr. Hoff recommends you watch for two hours and call him in the morning. Patient Hoff has his doubts.

Golfer Hoff tells ya to watch on the go.

Indulge your guilty pleasures, says Mom Hoff. After you clean your room.

Lifeguard Hoff knows free TV rescues you from fees.

Dad Hoff and Grad Hoff are here to educate you on your streaming choices.

And back to Host Hoff. To our surprise, he says free TV!

But wait, there’s more!

Watch all The Hoffs tell you even more about Pluto TV below.

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All imagery courtesy of Pluto TV.